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Shyft Veriscope: The Critical Infrastructure underpinning FATF Travel Rule

  • With 2022 proving to be a tough year for the crypto industry due to back-to-back blows (TerraUSD crash, FTX collapse, crypto hacks, etc.), the regulatory pressure is only going to intensify from here, be it from the FATF, G20, the European Union, Financial Stability Board, or more.
  • For instance, the FATF reiterated ahead of the “No Money for Terror” meeting, which is scheduled to take place next week, that countries should enforce the Travel Rule at the earliest.
  • However, there are several issues that VASPs may face while complying with the Travel Rule, namely VASP discovery & data security, which Shyft Veriscope successfully solves across all jurisdictions.

Shyft Discover: Auto-detection of the counterparty VASP

Veriscope Share: Enabling VASPs to Share Critical User Data Securely P2P



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