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Veriscope Weekly Regulatory Recap (June 20 — June 25)

The global crypto market is in a slightly better position than the week before. Yet, the cloud of uncertainty looms large over the broader market.

Swiss Financial Authority CEO Demands Strong Crypto Regulations to Prevent Market Abuse

Drawing parallels to the US stock market of the 1920s, Urban Angehrn, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Switzerland’s financial regulator, demanded strong regulatory measures for the digital assets market to prevent abusive market practices.

A Leading Nigerian Bank MD Calls Country’s Auditors to Monitor & Flag Crypto Transactions for any Terrorism Financing-related Incidents

Math Ude, Managing Director of one of the leading Nigerian wholesale and investment banks, Nova Merchant Bank Limited, recently called on auditors to focus on digital asset-related transactions in the country.

ECB President Pushes for Extending Crypto Regulations to Staking & Digital Assets Lending

While giving testimony to the European Parliament, the Head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, proposed to EU lawmakers to extend the current crypto regulatory framework to staking and crypto lending. She termed her proposal, MiCA 2.0.

Panamanian President Sends Back Crypto Bill for not Including AML Provisions

Laurentino Cortizo, President of Panama, recently rejected to sign the crypto bill, legally known as Bill No 697 in the country, over AML-related concerns.



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