“Music should humbly try to give pleasure. Extreme complication is the opposite of art.” Claude Debussy

♬♩ How you can create real music in a few seconds with your smartphone

Steeve BOIS
May 1, 2015 · Unlisted

Edit: SoSymphony is now available for the public: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sosymphony/id1036132099?ls=1&mt=8

Download it and tell us what you love and hate we are nothing without you….really :) : feedback@socialsymphonyapp.com

The best songs are created by bringing together amazing solo acts on each instrument. This is much like the best cuisine is created by bringing together some of the best ingredients.

We are working with awesome musicians to compile some awesome samples of instrumental music and voices so you can put them together to create great musics. We are currently working with Fred Thomasseau (professional musican, music teacher and one of our co-founder) and we will be adding many more going forward.

We are launching the very first private beta of Social Symphony and to help you understand how you can create awesome songs in a few seconds and share them to your friends and family members, I am publishing this post to explain our application.

If you did not request your invite yet, you can do it there.

We will create a new song with a mix of Rock, Fonky and Trip-Hop samples!

Step 1: Headphones!!!

The best way to enjoy Social Symphony is to have headphones.

Thanks to that you will really appreciate the quality and the subtility of the samples.

Step 2: Launch the app and create a new song

the first time you launch Social Symphony, tap on “+” button to create a new song

Step 3: Welcome to the main interface!

You are now in the main interface of your app.

There is a mic icon: this one is used to start recording your song after you choose your samples.

So for now, don’t tap on it, you would create a blank mp3 ☺

In the bottom, you have the packs and the samples.

For the moment we have 4 packs and between 4 to 7 samples in each pack.

Step 4: let’s create!

We start by adding a very cool rock drum sound. Choose the “Rock” pack, and tap on the sample called “RockPackDrum

You understand now that each sample is a circle. So simple, isn’t it?

Now we will add a Fonky Bass, you swipe on the pack names area from “Rock” to “Fonky” and choose “FonkyBass

At this moment you understand why wearing headphones is important if you want to really appreciate your song ☺

Let’s add a guitar to your song by selecting “HardRockGuit2” from “Hard Rock” pack

Ok now I know you have a smile on your face…☺

We add now a little melody with the “HardRockGuit1” sample of the same pack

Now you have your samples ready but maybe you would modify the volume of some of them?.

No problem!

You see little border (in white) in each circle? This is the volume!

You can change the volume of each sample, by changing the position of the little white dot of these borders.

So simple no ?! ☺

Step 5: Record!

This is the moment to tap on the mic button in the center of the screen.

Social Symphony starts recording your song.

At this moment you can still “play” with your samples and manipulate them to create a kind of progession in your song, by changing the volume and even mute a sample and unmute it at the right moment!!

How to mute a sample? Just tape on it!

The muted sample is in grey, so it is very easy for you to know which one is turned off and turning on the good one by tapping on it again!

When you feel your live performance is done, tap again on the mic and let Social Symphony create a mp3 of your song!

edit: for the moment we do not have a “loading message” while the app makes its magic and the app does not respond but is not crashed so be patient if it take some seconds before the next screen appears ☺

Step 6: Share your creation!

When the mp3 is ready (a few seconds or instantly, it depends of the duration of your song), you can share it by mail!

It’s your time to shine!

As you can see, with Social Symphony it is very easy to create songs.

Here is a little video to see how Social Symphony works:

If you like it, please share this post and your creations to your friends and family!

Do not hesitate to give us your feedbacks at feedback@socialsymphonyapp.com or in Facebook or Twitter.
We are also in Instagram.

And if you don’t have it but want to enjoy it and express your creativity, just request your invite at SocialSymphonyapp.com

And please never forget: We are all creative by nature!!



Simply the easiest music making app of the world.


Steeve BOIS

Written by

Founder at http://goshyne.com Digital & IT Manager @GoodPlanet_ & @Yann_A_B



Simply the easiest music making app of the world.

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