Residency at the Squire Foundation


I cannot pin point when exactly my residency started: After a few days of settling into the MBS Foundation space, I spent my first few days finding my way around the property to find the spots that I can create, write at the same time recuperate and strategize. The foundation is both my home and workspace, a community space and a private retreat, a place to think, to rejuvenate, and to relax with good company!


I had the opportunity to meet the other artist-in-residence Stephan Westfall, a muralist who is currently installing two murals at the UCSB Art, Design and Architecture Museum, and his assistants Dustin and Liv. Immediately I bonded with LA based artist Liv and after a short art critique session in the studio, I found out she’s Norwegian American and I got to share my two-year-experience in Norway with her.

Since I was part of the UCSB Middle East Ensemble, I invited the group to rehearse at the foundation one evening. Everyone was so taken by the space and the welcoming atmosphere of the house that we are collectively moved and inspired by the space. Needless to say we chatted, ate and played music all night long. In my heart, that is the greatest house-warming gift.