Birth of a Streamer

Having seen the rise of streamers on both YouTube and Twitch. I decided it was time for me to jump into the fray. For those unfamiliar with streaming, what happens is you record yourself playing a game and then either engage viewers in chat, talk over the game, or just play. I’m going for the middle option. Having watched a lot of different streamers, I have found an enormous amount of people who just play their game or are subject matter experts. I believe there is an opening for an entertaining streamer who plays a little bit of everything.

My streamer role model is certainly Mark Pilar he always finds a way to add something to the games he plays. He also manages to make games I would never play exciting. Now, I don’t want to copy him, but I do want to provide a similar experience to my viewers.

Getting Started
Before getting to this point, I decided to go down the route of building a computer. Now if you are like me and you do not enjoy assembling things AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS. While it may be cheaper in most instances, what you have to factor in is the frustration that can ensue from figuring out how stuff connects properly. It took me about 10 hours of watching NewEgg videos and trial and error to get something that worked. If that sounds fun to you, then by all means, jump on it. Now once you get the computer assembled, the best streaming software is OBS. You simply need to go to YouTube and watch the OBS Twitch setup video. You may also need to raise your encoding CPU usage to maximum to prevent dropped frames. Once that is all sorted out you should be good to go.


Now, what am I going to play? So far, I’m thinking Paragon, League of Legends, The Division, Blade and Soul, and SWTOR. Paragon is going to be interesting because it is only at the alpha stage. So much of that game needs work, but there seems to be potential. I’m first planning to stream through all of the characters and see which ones I enjoy the most. The stream below features 1–5 along with some commentary with my friend discussing the game.

League of Legends is a game I struggled at but still enjoy. I don’t expect too many people to watch it, but if they do, I hope there’s some good banter about how bad I am at it. I do though manage to get random quadra kills without understanding a champion.

The Division is probably my favorite game right now. I had only seen videos of what I guess was multiplayer before booting it up this weekend. It has blown me away so far because I feel it is a great blend of Rainbow Six and Borderlands. I created a character I’m calling Granny Feng, who I’m hoping, will provide a lot of entertainment to my viewers and myself.

Blade and Soul, I have heard is fun, but I have not managed to get that into it. It is fun for about an hour of just spinning around as a blade dancer, but the story falls flat. Being a Korean game, I’m hoping it gets better in the late game.

SWTOR was a game with huge hype when it came out, but has since stagnated somewhat. The new expansion seems to have breathed some life into the series, but I’m most excited about them making it overall more single player friendly. Hopefully, I can again provide a good story to my viewers.

Have a game you think I should play? Feel free to reach out to me on my new twitter account @syn_si6. I’m not a heavy twitter user, but I may get back into it. You may also see me working on DJ mixing from time to time.