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SiBAN Membership Update — 12/04/2020

SiBAN membership registration is still in progress

Special thanks to all members of SiBAN who have paid their membership fees and contributed their time to drive SiBAN membership

Since we kicked off the SiBAN membership registration last month, we’ve gotten very positive responses from the SiBAN community. Some of you have reached out to us with ideas and some even volunteered to be a part of SiBAN membership sub-committee. We are grateful for this, it sends us a strong signal that we are on the right path to building an engaging, decentralized and auspicious blockchain association.

Nathaniel Luz becomes one of the first bona fide SiBAN members

Congratulations to Nathaniel Luz for being one of the first members to complete the SiBAN KYC form and therefore, one of the first bona fide members of SiBAN.

Nathaniel Luz is the Lead of Dash Nigeria and Author of “Digital is the Cash”

SiBAN is an open community, our doors are open to all practitioners of blockchain in Nigeria and beyond. We have a community on Telegram where everyone can freely join and get updates, make enquiries, and learn, etc. However, there are special benefits that accrue to bonafide members of SiBAN and these are vividly slated on the SiBAN website.

A bona fide member of SiBAN is a SiBAN member who has paid his/her yearly dues and completed the SiBAN KYC requirements.

After paying your membership fee, the next stage of your SiBAN membership application is the completion of KYC form which contains a link to our exclusive group.

Completing the SiBAN membership KYC form is the last stage of SiBAN membership registration and it’s mandatory for all members. At SiBAN you are not just a number or a name in the crowd, we want to know you and we want to build a community of trustworthy and verified professionals.

SiBAN Membership Registration is still in progress

Register now to be a member of Nigeria’s blockchain association. Click here.

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