A Mental Break

This trip was meant to be a relax, get-out-of-your-mind, and reconnect with what you want to do, trip.

I tend to take two types of trips: backpacking (bouncing from place to place, seeing what the location has to offer) and destination (staying at one place for the whole trip).

Hello little friend!

This trip is the latter. After quitting my full-time job and focusing on being the CEO of CoderDojoChi, I decided that I will need to make sure I take frequent mental breaks. Be it a Sunday doing a hobby, or something more extreme, like a vacation away from it all.

Focusing on CoderDojoChi 20 hours a day, 6 days a week has been great. We’ve made major progress since January 1, 2016.

But this is time is for me to remove myself from the amazing work the volunteers and I do, and recharge.

Janeane and I started the day off slowly.

A slow wake up, just the two of us in a little cottage by the beach. Little birds paid us a visit from time to time, only to say hello and fly off.

A simple stroll down 2 blocks and we’re in fresh fish heaven. Brunch consisted of fried fish sandwiches with macaroni pie; macaroni with cheese, onions, and peppers.

Then we’re off to the beach to do nothing.

Ahhh.. nothing.
A minute with social media; a couple hours with a good book.

The night ended with us doing our own thing. I sat outside, enjoying the amazing ocean breeze, while Janeane sat inches away reading her book.

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