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Siddha Kundalini Yoga
2 min readAug 23, 2021

On the physical level, true awakening happens when one’s consciousness shifts into the mode of the unconditional perception of reality, which leads one to a powerful activation of the subtle body and a strong activation of the pituitary (mother) gland on the physical level, leading to metabolic changes in the physical body.

There certainly can be various spiritual experiences, minor shifts or so-called mental/intellectual ‘enlightenments’ or awakenings that bring about changes in one’s life. Yet, these sorts of experiences are just glimpses into the subtle dimension of the self and the creation.

True shaktipat or the return to the Natural Flow, happens through one’s spiritual maturity, and when one’s limited being has refined itself to a certain degree. Then, one naturally opens up to the unconditional flow of Being within the Self.

The reconnection with the unconditional flow of Being can also happen through one’s interaction with an evolved, embodied being or through a spontaneous act of inner surrender to the flow, caused by external circumstances, karmic events, or by inner spiritual maturity shaped by various karmic circumstances, where one’s consciousness is filled to the brim with negativity and limitations, like a star that contracts to the highest degree before its explosion.

The same happens with a contracted and limited-through-the-internal-constraints consciousness, which may contract to such a degree that it cannot contract any further; and so, it eventually surrenders and explodes (expands) and experiences temporary liberation.

Yet, with time, it comes back to the normal conditions of its current evolutionary level to continue on with its further evolutionary processes and now deal with its limitations in more conscious way. During this expansion, one is able to perceive the core reasons for one’s limitations and karmic obstacles), and by exploding (by expanding its awareness of the subtler dimensions), it awakens to a potential that it could never have imagined — the potential to expel and dissolve these limitations and self-created boundaries and to realise the Ultimate Being beyond the limitations.

Such a consciousness has matured by having suffered enough to be able to recognise the path of liberation through the past contractions. Yet, it still takes time and discernment as well as guidance, conscious courage and dedication to face the deeper reasons for the limitations and the compulsive behaviour patterns that one is so accustomed to (even though one may be clearly conscious of the way they manifest and affect one’s life), so that one can complete the process of refinement, transcend the human context and dissolve one’s limited self within the eternal and unconditional Being.



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