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5 min readJul 27, 2021



Whatever issue comes to your awareness brings you closer to the understanding of what that phenomenon is within yourself.

It may be felt as a strong pressure tied to a traumatic pain or an outburst of what has been suppressed, but only because you have come close to the resolution of that which is within.

Without admitting to yourself what you are experiencing within, you will be unable to see the reasons behind these reactions; you will be unable to trace them back to their root. This is why, giving yourself time to contemplate and return to the pace and rhythms of the natural flow is so important, so that you can relax your nervous system and be able to see how your distortions come to be, how they manifested and why they keep manifesting on and on.

Transformation happens only when you take full responsibility for your responses and reactions, and when you can clearly see what triggers you to experience them.

Without deep contemplation, it is not possible to see, to notice and to transform anything. Without relaxation, there is no ability to contemplate.

One must therefore balance one’s doing with one’s being, taking advantage of those moments where one can sit peacefully and allow kriyas to happen or simply be present.

When one is constantly in the action-driven mode of consciousness, within the self, due to a hectic lifestyle of stimulation of all kinds (entertainment, drugs of all kinds, food, etc.) one is pulled more and more into the world of self-created projections and illusions; one gets sucked further and further into compulsive and obsessive action as a result. This makes one dependant on the world and its external representation.

It is crucial to be able to recognise immediately when consciousness comes out of the mode of being and gets into the mode of doing.

In the doer-mode, one is creating one’s life, but often does so unawares. One must be conscious of those moments of being triggered and trapped in the unconscious, veiled, doer-mode of existence. One must be conscious of how one perceives the reality through the body, because the body gives us clues. It cannot lie, because even if we mentally decide to perceive reality in a certain way, the body will always react on its own, in the same way until the particular issue is transformed.

The nervous system is what processes our emotions (which are stored in various parts of the body, especially in the organs and glands), and it is the lower abdominal area that reacts first (the nervous receptors in that area) to an emotionally charged situation.

Our job is to refine our nervous system, organs and glands, and to untie the karmic knots that exist in particular parts of the physical and subtle bodies. We have to understand the nervous system very deeply and how we react to the feelings that are stored in our lower abdominal area, tailbone and solar plexus.

Once one begins to experience feelings and emotional reactions consciously, one will observe that it is not a mental response, but in fact, a feeling that arises from the lower part of one’s body first. This area is in a heavily congested state due to all the reactions that have been unconsciously accumulated there for years, and is why one may feel upset, depressed, fearful and unable to perceive life as joyful.

Our perception is veiled.

After the conscious awakening, and through the process of self-refinement, one is able to tap into the possibility of untying this knot so that one may then perceive the self as a part of the natural flow and not as the veiled perception itself, so that one may disconnect from all the external conscious connections that had previously defined one’s existence, allowing oneself to surrender more and more into an unconditional sense of Being.

When we truly step on the spiritual path of conscious awakening and self-refinement, we come to the point of taking full responsibility for life and practicing deep acceptance to life, understanding that we are on this journey, not as victims but rather as the ones who trigger and create everything from within so that we can see and transform our inner reactions and patterns (even the positive ones) into equanimity and freedom.

Freedom does not mean being positive. Freedom means that you are free from all the positive and negative urges or energy currents within.

Selflessness, humility, honesty to self and conscious observation, are the true keys to spiritual progress. Without these attributes, we are prone to all sorts of ego trips.

Deal with your reaction rather than the trigger. The trigger is only a reminder that you are on the spiritual path — the path of conscious refinement. Without these triggers, we would never be able to see anything about ourselves beyond our own self-developed image (our camouflage, our ego, our limitations) — that which seems safe only when all the conditions for its stability are there but goes into a state of panic or crisis when only one of these conditions is removed.

How about removing all of these conditions and seeing what is left?

Simply concentrate on the feeling and be within it. In allowing the feeling to be a part of our journey and transformation, without trying to explain, deny or change one’s circumstances, sooner or later it will transform.

You will soon understand that all feelings are temporary and do not have their own source of energy by which to be sustained for long.

Do not run away. Do not switch your focus onto something else.

When the mind wants to run away into distractions, tell your consciousness to remain in its own essence, which is already fulfilling and content.

Eventually, by not running away or connecting the feeling to external circumstances, a clue as to why it is there will come to your mind.

Whatever is happening in your life, is an experience created by consciousness. The collective consciousness has an impulse to refine itself and get rid of the experiences of victimisation and other negative patterns on the mental and emotional paradigm of being within itself, so it manifests whatever is within, through individual embodiments and their experiences.

Each of our experiences and feelings, which are brought up to the surface and triggered through other beings, are to be acknowledged within our individual consciousness as the way to self-refinement and spiritual liberation.



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