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Desire of the Self vs Desire of the Ego

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Siddha Kundalini Yoga
3 min readAug 9, 2021

We keep on making the same mistakes on and on through life. It’s not enjoyment or the desire to have life experiences that tangles us with the experience but our emotional response and a feeling of self-definition within the self.

Associating with the experience and trying to define the self through this experience limits and attaches us to the experience simply because the experience gives us a sense of self, a sense of existence and a meaning for this existence that we create through our projected selves. The reality however, remains virgin and untouched by any projection.

Our definition of the self through the projected reality is linked to our inability to perceive our true roots or the Being/Reality. This makes us feel forever insecure, disempowered and weak and thus desiring to gain superficial power through the projected reality and being or becoming something within this projected reality through the demonstration of the superficial power and manipulation of this projected reality.

Not being able to tell the ego from the actual Being leads to confusion and more attachment to the projected reality. This is why discernment is the first sign of spiritual maturity and one’s eligibility to receive and assimilate higher forms of spiritual being and knowledge.

How can we tell if we are driven by our egos or by our true soul’s desire?

There is nothing wrong with having a vision and a certain pursuit in this projected reality, provided we have clarity and awareness of the transitory nature of any experience and feel selfless, or in other words, act without analysis or judgment.

The true desire of the soul is a way that naturally arises and pushes one to experience something one longs to experience as a part of one’s Earth journey. Ego-driven desires and pursuits always have a seed of ‘what am I in this experience?’ or ‘how this experience defines me’ or ‘where does it lead’— and they are based on the sense of self and the experience intermingled.

Ego is a way to disempower the self, and its desires are false desires. In other words, egoic desires leave after-thoughts and result in further cravings or further ambitions that amplify the previous desires. A true soul purpose or desire to experience life has no thoughts and leaves no traces that generate further thoughts or desires and ambitions. Such true desires and visions are known to be empty at their core, are rooted in the reality of the self, and appears as waves on the true reality of the self, as waves that need to be exhausted and experienced but which are recognised as such and therefore leave no after-thoughts, projections or cravings.

The true desire of the soul is the fire for life. True desire is to live and to experience the world in a selfless way.

False desire is the one that brings one into a cycle or mode of craving and wanting it again and again, feeling anxious and restless, discontent and needy.

True desire is one’s pulsation and natural beat for life, being aware of its blissful being, love, connection and knowledge. All these definitions of life hold the genuine desire that is known as ‘bhoga’ — or the natural enjoyment of life; being liberated and deeply connected with the root, yet enjoying life, such natural being and desire is capable of truly moving and inspiring people.

False desires delude people and strip them of fortune.

Genuine desire leads one to the natural path of life experience without attachment or bondage, and thus fulfils one with the natural sense of wholesome abundance and true freedom.



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