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Freedom From the Perception of Ego

Siddha Kundalini Yoga
3 min readJul 7, 2021


A Spiritual Perspective

In a negative sense, the ego is that which obstructs the free creative flow of Self — the expression of self in all forms.

In a neutral sense, the ego, or the ‘limited self-identity’ is the very seed of our existence in this reality.

There is nothing wrong with the reality or any experience within the reality, as long as the experience leaves no trace on the individual consciousness or creates any longing recollection or projection, for the illusion of reality (matrix, maya) is within our consciousness in the form of an obscured perception or limited comprehension of experience.

It is the level of self-realisation and awareness through the limited self-identity that matters.

In order to be free, we are to experience the natural mind, free from projections and recollections.

The ego is our past remembered, our future projected and our present analysed and interpreted.

Consciousness churns all this karmic information into emotional and thought-forms that are reflected through life situations and circumstances.

Karmic information manifests in this life so that we can free ourselves from it.

In order to do so, we must learn to perceive our conditional limited elements clearly and neutralise them naturally by abiding in the non-grasping and content Natural Mind.

By realising that our experience is the product of the ego (or the distortions within consciousness) — and by experiencing the Natural Mind in its stillness and neutrality — we realise that there is nothing wrong with the experience or the manifestation but with the tendencies, inclinations and assumptions (judgement) of consciousness towards one experience over the other.

It is not the natural experience itself that causes suffering, but the limited mind that divides, grasps and clings to certain temporal experiences.

Such a perception gives rise to the consensus hallucinatory perception of reality, where instead of the Natural Mind abiding in its own blissful essence, its power is projected and scattered onto images and objects that are interpreted as appearing ‘outside’ of the self. This is what causes the false perception of a ‘me’ in here and a ‘they’ out there.

The problem of the ego arises because that which appears as ‘me’ wants to grasp, box and control that which is perceived as outside of me, but that which appears as outside is naturally subject to change, transformation and eventual dissolution.

Thus, the ego’s sense of stability and contentment is constantly at the mercy of its own crumbling limited projections. This is what the perception of suffering in this reality is based on — an absolutely hallucinatory, disintegrated and insane perception… when in fact, Reality is naturally empty, unobscured, non-dual and not fragmented.

The ego is that which recollects, analyses, judges, projects and is of an anxious and ambitious nature.

True Being, Natural Mind (The Reality) — or whatever you want to call it — is neutral, still, empty, equanimous and blissful (creativity in potentiality). Once you experience the Natural Mind — Being, you automatically know that which is of a transitory nature.

Emotions and thought-forms/waves are distortions of the limited mind-being; yet, they actually come from the Ultimate Being and are inseparable from it. It is not possible to kill them or to run away from them; just as it is not possible to run away from ourselves — You may only realise the nature of consciousness manifesting the illusion from within the essence of Self — the unlimited, unobscured space of Self-Being.

Only when you realise that it is the Space itself that vibrates and spontaneously produces the phenomena of the Realty (which is naturally unconditioned and empty at its root) can you perceive and master yourself as that Space and gradually subside the waves within your space of self and abide as That.

This is the path of Siddha Kundalini Yoga or Natural Spiritual Being.



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