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Siddha Kundalini Yoga
5 min readJul 12, 2021

In detangling from the manmade, projected reality, it is inevitable to experience moments of stagnation or sudden thoughts of doubt or negativity.

Such thoughts are often imposed on us by the separate elements of the illusion (other people in our lives), but always because there is an inner (hook) distortion within.

From a higher perspective, such moments could be seen as a test of our will and of how dependent we still are on the illusion we are trying to transcend.

In not allowing one’s consciousness to dwell on the feeling and thus propel it along with further thoughts and emotions, the thought will pass by like a cloud.

Simply concentrate on the feeling and be within it. In allowing the feeling to be a part of our journey and transformation (without trying to explain, deny or change one’s circumstances), sooner or later it will transform. You will soon understand that all feelings are temporary and do not have their own source of energy by which to sustain themselves for long.

Do not run away. Do not switch your focus onto something else. When the mind wants to run away into distractions, tell your consciousness to remain in its own essence, which is already fulfilling and content. Eventually, by not running away or connecting the feeling to external circumstances, a clue as to why it is there will come to your mind.

Your limited self is disturbing you over past insecurities and fears. Whatever is happening in your life is an experience created by consciousness.

The collective consciousness has an impulse to refine itself and to get rid of the experiences of victimization and other negative patterns on the mental and emotional paradigm of being within itself, so it manifests whatever is within, through individual embodiments and their own experiences.

Each of our experiences and feelings that are brought up to the surface and triggered through other beings, are to be acknowledged within our individual consciousness as the way of self-refinement and spiritual liberation. The only spiritual solution to any life problem is when you are able to maintain the equanimous being, when you are able to withdraw from the feelings of being stuck, of not being enough, of being fearful and thinking that nobody loves you.

Nobody needs to love anybody. You just need to feel comfortable within yourself.

The truth is, spirituality is confidence. And true confidence is based on the equanimous being.

Whenever our confidence wanes, it means that we do not base our sense of self on the feeling of who we really are — which is contentment, equanimity and meditative emptiness — but on how people view us, what they think of us or what we have achieved so far.

Nobody is here to achieve anything. The only thing that we can achieve is the contentment of self, equanimity, and the ability to really discriminate between our past impressions, our emotional distortions and who we truly are.

The best way to live is to look within and to see how we are reacting every moment. This means having full awareness — awakened awareness.

It does not mean that life is necessarily becoming ‘better’. It just means that we are becoming aware that we are the creator of what we are experiencing and are slowly learning to take full responsibility for it.

The sky will always be blue. Yet, every morning we wake up and perceive the sky differently depending on our emotional state. If we wake up in a joyous state, we might want to do so many things. Yet if we wake up in fear, we might not even notice that the sky is blue and that the sun is shining.

Nothing changes outside of our own perception of that which is observed.

Rather than getting sucked deeper and deeper into self-victimization, work with your reactions and understand that, through them, you are creating your life from within.

See where the reaction is felt in the physical body and work with this area by consciously relaxing it.

Come what may! Accept whatever comes into your life; this is the position of a spiritual warrior — one who is ready to face whatever comes. After all, the war is between you and you. It is within.

We can only be in control of our own reactions and not in control of other people’s. Trying to change other people is very foolish.

Nobody will ever change, for others are only a part of the collective, playing a certain evolutionary role for us in order for us to realize our own distortions.

Observe what comes from within and work with it in silence, going within the negative or depressing feeling or lack of confidence, and trying to find clues. Work with the feelings in the body rather than with the analysis. When you experience fear, the fear is in your body. When you get rejected by someone, the feeling is in your body. Your body is giving you clues…

Emotions, feelings, and thoughts are all connected. Yet, you have to disconnect from them in order to understand how they are shaping your reality from behind the scenes, by this, at first, unconscious connection. Disconnect from the thoughts and the emotions and just work with the feelings. Contemplate on the feelings, focus on them and accept them deeply, even if they are to be there for the rest of your life. This is the determination one must have.

Stay with the emotional pain; feel it in the body and understand that it has nothing to do with other people and situations. It is your karma — your body.

Whenever you are experiencing havoc, try to withdraw and look at things as if from the outside. When our consciousness is lost in the collage of thought, emotion and reaction, we can sometimes create a totally different reality from the way things actually are — putting ourselves at the center of an obscure, victimized worldview. Yet, nothing in this world of names and forms is the True Reality, for it is always subjected to a personal perception and vision, and these visions collide and interact, and they create illusions within illusions.

The world is not against us, but we are here to explore it and to see both the light and the dark sides of it. We cannot discard any of it. We just have to understand that we are the equanimous Being by cultivating discernment and an ability to return back to this center — the wholesome emptiness — the blissful Being. The names are many, but once you experience this state through awakening, you will know what it is.



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