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Manifesting the Siddha Path

Siddha Kundalini Yoga
5 min readSep 7, 2021

This projected reality is subjected to time, and time is its flow. Time is the greatest teacher because time is the eternal flow of Consciousness — life — whether we are actively or passively involved in it, whether we realise and are aware of its depths or not. It is here as an immortal essence of our ceaseless Existence.

Being conscious in this flow, we realise what life is, and we can awaken to the perception of various dimensions of our manifested being beyond time. Yet, one must have a deep longing for inner disillusionment and acceptance of the path of life as it comes or flows, without projecting, without longing for the past and without holding onto the mutable things of the present. Only then, does one naturally become eligible to break through and transcend the illusion, perceiving the pure present moment as the only possibility of their eternal now.

True Knowledge is the emanation of higher consciousness. It is transmitted beyond words as a space of spiritual being. Shaktipat is a flow of grace from the Ultimate space of Being and the ability to perceive it and transmit it in the form of higher knowledge as well as to empower separate elements of creation. The ability to invoke or bring life into temple statues or to create holy water, for instance, is a form of shaktipat or pranapat — the ability of an evolved conscious being to direct and transfer high spiritual frequency as vibrations/emanations (transmission) of the conscious being into a place/object, or to share them as a unified space/presence with another being, with the aim of charging these forms with the spiritual frequency of one’s being or with a specific intention — to heal, to bless, to enhance places — and ultimately, to preserve knowledge in the form of vibrations (conscious spaces) for future generations.

To receive Knowledge means to experience the same state of being (as higher space of consciousness) as the one who emanates or transfers it. Without the ability to pass on knowledge in the form of experience, there is no Knowledge, no matter how skilled people are in verbally expressing it or how hard they study or practice whatever they believe in.

True spiritual knowledge has to touch you from within and create the very experience by invoking it’s essence within. Thus, the role of an evolved being or a true teacher/guru who is capable of Invoking the Ultimate Being and Knowledge of the Higher Reality within others is to support those others in deepening their own understanding of this Knowledge — beyond the initial glimpse of conscious expansion (peace, contentment, bliss) — by invoking and guiding one through the process of self-refinement and the dissolution of one’s distortions and veils that prevent one from experiencing the equanimous, Natural Being continuously.

Many scriptures talk about holding onto the guru’s feet. As the living, embodied manifestation of the Ultimate space of Consciousness beyond the conditionings of the man-made reality, the guru is there to invoke and share the state of the Ultimate with the student, thereby effortlessly supporting the student in their own process of freeing themselves from the conditionings of the self-created and collective reality. To hold onto the guru’s feet means to hold onto the state of the guru. Thus, the student must be able to recognise this state within themselves.

Even if the physical guru has manifested in one’s life, a student must have devotion to the guru and to one’s path before such a guru will share their experience with the student. It is not a devotion to the guru per se, but the devotion to one’s own healing, refinement and transformation (to the process of awakening and to the self-purification of self-created conditionings).

This devotion emerges from the pain and exhaustion of a soul dwelling in a projected reality that attracts and attaches its conscious essence to itself and drains and imbalances the physical-emotional reality of the self — until the point of maturity, where one surrenders and dives into this pain of the impermanent reality of the self and realises it as the very seed of healing, self-refinement and evolution, where one allows oneself to simply be, to de-condition, to heal from traumas, and to cultivate one’s own essence — the wholesome perception of the unconditional and content Being.

Yet, an adept must have courage and devotion to face themselves — to face their fears and insecurities — for without these qualities, we forever remain incomplete, wilfully blinded and possessed by the occulted aspects of our limited selves that have not been faced, forgiven (let go of) and dissolved.

One must have such a devotion to one’s spiritual evolution and to knowing that one is so much more than this physical-emotional fragment of reality, that when one thinks of it, one will shed tears. This does not necessarily mean that one must create an object of focus, but there has to be devotion. If the sense of devotion is not present, there will always be doubt and distrust between the student and the initiator.

Devotion to the path means that you have a strong vision to eliminate the conditionings within your consciousness, and that you fully trust that life (as an emanation of your own consciousness) is manifesting the right people and the right circumstances to trigger your inner conditionings, so that they can be recognised and observed within your embodied consciousness, so that (instead of being a victim), you can consciously realise their roots within and the ways to shatter the illusion they create.



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