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Laugh About It

Quite a long time not writing again. I am in progress to adapting to the new work environment at the moment. I feel like I need to write something. I remember that I have enjoyed several stand-ups in the past months. After almost two years of this pandemic, I guess we are all needed a laugh. I am glad that comedy is more accessible now on Netflix.

Damn you, Reed Hastings. You’ve won my free time. Haha.

Well, at least the comedies are fun. I’m gonna write three favorites.

Jimmy Carr — His Dark Material

I put it first because I have been curious about his style for quite a long time. I heard UK comedians always have a different style of story-telling and perspectives. Having His Dark Material as my first experience enjoying him is a blast. His jokes are really not for everyone. He is so masterful at doing witty one-liners.

He joked about pedophiles & sexual abuse at the church. He roasted some of the audience. He joked about the latest technologies. Near the end of his set, the jokes are truly getting darker than he called them career-ender jokes.

There is a reason why I use Laugh About It as the title of this note. One important remark that I really agree with Carr is:

I hope none of you needed it, but sometimes you need it.
When life is shit, that’s when you need a laugh.
When things are terrible in your life, you need a laugh.

It’s best to have a very dark sense of humour, right?
Because at least when our life is shit, we can laugh about it.

I really like that messages. I feel like that’s what I keep doing throughout my life. Ha-ha.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Anyway, Jimmy Carr has a very weird funny laugh that might become your new favorite. Ha-ha.


Mo Amer — Mohammed In Texas

It’s hard not to like jokes about minorities. Especially, if you are one. Hehe. I have been following Mo Amer after I watched Ramy, the series where he stars together with Ramy Yousseff. I have watched his other special, Vagabond. And it’s great that he’s back with another special.

I think the people’s favorite will be the joke about English vs Arabic. He really delivers. English truly felt like a baby language in his joke. And of course, the curse language in English is nothing compared to other languages. Truly crackling. Hahah.


Aziz Ansari — Nightclub Comedian

I wonder how that feels. Hanging out into comedy cafe and then Aziz showed up. This one feels more intimate than his previous specials. I admire Aziz writing skills. He manages to make his jokes relate to many people in the globe. I really like the joke about skilful worker. If you think about it, it’s a really deep joke. I just hope the situation around us getting better and I know that I need to pay more respect to those who are struggling to make ends meet.

He tried to deliver again the message about our society now trapped within a bubble. This time it felt more introspective. I like how he told his joke about his shift to flip phone. A comedic reminder on how we should manage our focus not to be sucked into the rabbit hole at our fingertip.


How about your life lately?

I hope you can find some time to laugh.

Maybe not everything went smooth so far, maybe things not getting right yet. I believe it might be not easy.

Even if you can’t talk about it, I hope you can laugh about it.

Have a great day ahead!




A glimpse of a wide spectrum.

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A glimpse of a wide spectrum.

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