Garden of Words

Listen to stories;

Gather them like flowers.

When you hear someone speak,

Watch as they twist open their jar of soul.

Pay attention to the ones who prefer silence.

They quietly carry the world.

You can change the world

With your stories.

Don’t let your thoughts settle into silence

Like buds that never grew to be flowers.

Lay out your soul

Even when it’s hard to speak.

But as you speak,

Remember that the world

Is full of soul.

Everyone has their own stories.

Pick your words like petals of a flower;

Let them drift from your mouth, soft, but not silent.

If you find safety in silence,

I challenge you to speak.

Offer your flowers

to the world.

Share your stories

with every ounce of your soul.

Pay homage to the souls

Who have lived in silence

By telling their stories.

Always try to speak,

Even after the world

steps on your flowers.

Ideas can flower

Into words that tell the soul

Or even the world

To break the silence

To speak

And reveal the true power of stories.

When you tell your story, let your words bloom and flower.

Let people speak into your soul.

But never be silenced by the world.