Why I’m Not as Active on Medium

And how it helped me.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi
The Side Hustle School


It feels a bit awkward to write this because writing on Medium is where everything started. It’s where I started dreaming when I’d scroll on the platform back in 2020 since we had work-from-home. All those boring Zoom meetings led me to Medium, which left me in awe. I couldn’t believe that there were writers on the internet who only wrote for a living! This career path didn’t exist for me.

My childhood flashed in front of me where I’d write to pass time – some sappy poetry and random articles. Later, I moved to blogging, contributing to school newsletters and magazines, creating fitness content on Instagram and then, this platform.

I didn’t know what it’s like to earn money online either. My first $8 felt too good to be true because in my city you get a decent meal with that much money.

And then hundreds flowed in, followed by thousands. It made everything so sweet because doing what felt fun started paying me way more than my monthly $718 corporate salary. This plus freelancing on the side eventually boosted my income which led me to resign at 24 and become self-employed at 25. I’m so grateful to have had the courage to make this move that changed my life. To give you a perspective, I’m typing this on a Thursday while I’m sitting with my mum before she leaves for nearly 3…