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Chatbot prototyping

We are prototyping a chatbot as part of the next phase of the CivTech project for CAS (following on from this prioritisation plan).

Some CABs have seen huge demand for webchat. In success, we believe a chatbot can automate the routine parts of a webchat, freeing up advisors to focus on the part that require a human touch. Also, a chatbot provides an advice touchpoint out of hours.

We’d love to help explore questions like the following:

  • What questions should a chatbot answer? Do you have expertise in certain conversation areas that you’d be willing to share?
  • Are there ways that a chatbot could mimic a good advisor, in drawing out important questions, or understanding when the underlying issue is different from the presenting issue?
  • How and when should a chatbot hand off to a human advisor?

If you’d be up for a 30-minute chat about these questions, please get in touch.

Also, we are looking for CABs that might consider being part of the prototype trial. If you might be interested, get in touch.



SIDE = Social Impact Digital Explorers. We work at the intersection of social impact + no-code.

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