SIDE Labs sets sail with friends, family, colleagues & clients

After 18 months of hard work, we finally got to celebrate!

Oct 8, 2021


👩‍✈️ Onboarding

The appointed captains receive their briefings at GoBoat Paddington.

⛵️ A Voyage of Discovery

We sailed from Paddington Basin to Little Venice, through the Maida Hill Tunnel before turning at Regent’s Park. Here’s the route.

Boat #1

  • Captain: Larry
  • Crew: Shivy, Elizabeth, Llewellyn, Pranim, Damien

Boat #2

  • Captain: Paul
  • Crew: Lila, Jemima, Andy, Sean, Diana, Vanessa, Flora

Boat #3

  • Captain: Matt
  • Crew: Pascale, Lora, Sandeep, Steve, Phil

Boat #4

  • Captain: Maryan
  • Crew: Will, Loz, Michael, Aaron

Boat #5

  • Captain: Lucy
  • Crew: Ritika, Debby, Stuart, Egle, Ab, Noam

🍻 Drinks

At The Lord Wargrave — for salty stories and ripping yarns! Thank you, shipmates, for a memorable, nautical evening.

📷 Thanks for the photos…

Noam Sohachevsky, Paul Denham, Shivy Das and Debby Mulling