Six Pack Playlist: New Year, New You Edition

When the calendar turns over, your playlist should too. Here are some early favorites we’ve tracked down.

Last year, we started this “Six Pack” series with the intention of sharing our love of music alongside some of our favorite, tried and true tunes. In the first year of Side Streets’ existence, we set the mood for your Valentine’s Day and your inevitable “uncuffing,” we got you through flu season, introduced some newbies, and revisited the classics. This column quickly became one of our favorite semi-regular posts to work on, and as we enter 2018, we don’t intend to stop.

We are officially two weeks into the new year. If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent the early days of the year reflecting and goal setting for the months to come, while listening to your Spotify Top Songs of 2017 playlist.

The songs that made that rank run the gamut from seasoned classics to downright guilty pleasures, but as we have mentioned, we’re looking to learn and grow this year. So, in an attempt to not listen to the same 50 songs all year (which, let’s face it, will probably happen anyway), here are six songs that are making the soundtrack for 2018.

Can’t Stop Now


Any group that’s quasi-named after this dynamic duo is a must listen. But beyond that, there’s some magic that happens when Jamila Woods’ poetry and lofty vocals are layered over Owen Hills’ instrumentation. They have a few songs that made my ears perk up as I listened through, but I chose this one for the quote that Woods speak-sings to introduce the song:

“Your life’s work begins when your great joy meets the world’s great hunger” — Kate Bornstein

Kinda perfect for the new year, no?

(Who Knew It Would Be So Hard) to Be Myself

Dave Barnes

This song is off of Barnes’ most recent EP, released early last week. I really like his sound — beachy and heartfelt, with a splash of southern comfort. But there’s something to be said for a man who, at almost 40, is willing to say out loud that he hasn’t figured everything out just yet. It’s endearing, and — speaking for myself — straight up encouraging.

My My My!

Troye Sivan

It’s a banger. Shut up.

Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season


Sometimes, a song sneaks up on you that you’d never look for on your own. A Spotify recommendation, this wispy beach bummer has gotten a lot of play amidst the dreary New England winter.

“I must confess / I could use some rest,” is such a perfect lyric. It simultaneously conjures up visions of coconut-kissed beverages and cubicle-encased angst. A 2018 aesthetic. There will be tough days. There will be sunny days. Embrace both.

Parallel Line

Keith Urban

Keith Urban is one of the rare country acts whose music ages appropriately. There’s a sophistication to his sound, and this sugary ballad sounds like a confection a happily married 50 year old guitar virtuoso would crank out. Pour a glass of red next time you play this one.

This Too Shall Last

Anderson East

Yes, we want 2018 to be a year of growth and progress — new ideas, new jobs, new horizons. But with all that growing, I like to look around and remind myself to take note of the things that work, and hold tight to the people who make me go “there you are.”

East officially released his latest album, Encore, last week, and it’s been on repeat on our little side street ever since. It has heart and soul, top to bottom. This track though? This track makes me want to dance, all while reminding me to have faith that life is all going to work out the way it’s supposed to. This too shall last.

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