Are You Ready to Start First Side Project?

Learn how to build an app by joining The Code Free Startup

What side project idea you ever think about? An app or a website? Have you ever dream to build Tinder? or Uber even Airbnb? But I don’t have any coding skill, you might answered. I don’t even know what the software is all about. Is there any tools that I could used to solve coding skill without needed to learn new things?

This coding skill problem already being epiphany in many ways. In a rapidly digitizing world, knowing how-to code can be a ticket to better personal and professional opportunities. Some people even say, if you want to be the best in tech you should consider to learn how to code. I think it depends with each individuals. It’s not about ability to code by yourself, it’s about learning what strategy to build things. Those strategy, you could use for every side project you will build later.

You might ever heard about The Code Free Startup. It provides course for non-technical skills to start building an app using tool like Bubble and Typeform. The creator assume, you will be able to build everything without writing code. It also provide you with the quickest ways to get to market feedback and validation.

The Code Free Startup also have a toolkit a Twitter idea Generator, which helps you figure out what apps to build, & a To Do priority Tracker which helping you focus on what your doing. Bye, bye procrastination, hello productivity!

The Code Free Startup have 3 options pricing:

  • Free Plan which is free to sign up and allow you to access all free basic course content with no limited customer support.
  • MVP Plan which costs US $49 per month & can access 1 premium course per month as well as all free course Content. It also gives access to slack community to help you achieve your goal.
  • IPO Plan which costs US $85 per month. It allows you access to unlimited premium courses & all free Content, Slack community and help support.

The featured courses include:

  • Building a code-free clone for Airbnb & ability to customize your own marketplace application.
  • This course may take around 45 hours to complete using tools such as Blockspring, Bubble, & Zapier.
  • Building a simple checkout page which involves building a Website that collects pre-orders/payments and learning how to link the Site into a spreadsheet. This takes 5 hours using Zapier, Typeform, & Stripe.
  • Building Customer Chat Tools that let you chat with your customers on your app or Website. This course takes up to 6 hours using Chatlio, Slack & iFrame.

If you have a plan to build an app as your first side project, I think with the Code Free Startup you ready to go!

Want to know more tips or tool when creating sideproject,check out Side project Launcher — curated all tools to ship your first SideProject.

Stay tune for the next article ;)