Best Of SideQuest — March 2024!

Our round-up of the latest and greatest VR games & updates to hit SideQuest this month.

George Gorringe
4 min readApr 4, 2024


We’ve had a mega month here at SideQuest, with a whole bunch of awesome apps, games, updates, and more launching with us—and it’s our pleasure to get them on your radar!

Here’s our round-up of the best new VR games & major game updates released on SideQuest this month that you need to check out!


Mannequin is the latest multiplayer release from Fast Travel Games, presenting an awesome take on asymmetric hide-and-seek in VR where human agents are pitted against devious alien ‘Mannequins’ hiding in plain sight.

Right now—and for a limited time only—you can sideload Mannequin FOR FREE, exclusively on SideQuest while it’s in early access! So, don’t miss this chance to get your hands on this awesome game!

[Sideload Mannequin for FREE]

Rock and Roots

Rock and Roots is a story-driven adventure where good strategy will be rewarded. You’ll dictate the flow of combat by summoning ‘Sprig’ helpers—woodland warriors who’ll fight for your cause: to reclaim your rightful place on the throne. The art is gorgeous, the gameplay is engaging, and this should definitely be on your radar!

[Get Rock and Roots]

Truck Parking Simulator

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to drive an 18-wheeler, this is as close as it gets to the real deal—and presents a challenge as well! Driving a large vehicle takes both precision and patience, and this game will test yours as you prep your truck, check your cargo, and set out to make your deliveries.

[Get Truck Parking Simulator]


Arcade is a collection of 6 retro-style games: Galactics, Bricks, Blocks, Invasions, Match and Rocs. Rendered in a charming neon vector style with bouncy soundtracks, this is a retro gem that’ll keep you busy for hours—and as of writing, it’s free to play! Definitely one to check out!

[Get Arcade]


Become a furball with springs for arms and bounce your way back to your spaceship (stolen by a giant octopus)—Stilt is exactly as wacky as it sounds, and that’s why you need to play it!

To quote reviewer, Shadowa.m.: Imagine a game with the graphical aesthetics of Mario 64, with the music of crash bandicoot… the collectibles of banjo-kazooie, and with the bouncing mechanics of…shovel knight.

Basically, it’s a whole bunch of fun, and one of our must-plays this month!

[Get Stilt]


Mezmer is an intriguing app, presenting a new way to experience music in VR. You can access built-in soundtracks, live internet radio stations, or your own audio files stored on your Quest, then enter one of 10 ‘mesmerizing’ spaces that respond dynamically to the music playing—leaving you to drift off into another world.

If you’re a music fan, check this one out!

[Get Mezmer]

Twistex (Update)

A fresh take on the falling block puzzler, Twistex is a top pick for puzzling fans — and fans of Tetris and Rubik Cubes, especially! This month, Twistex received a monumental update on both Quest and PC platforms. This significant overhaul is fueled by user feedback, aiming to enhance accessibility and overall gameplay satisfaction. Notable changes include the integration of PC environments into the Quest version, a helpful shape guide for precise placement, and a stress-free ‘Practice Mode’ for strategic planning. Enhanced visibility, smoother progression, and streamlined menu navigation further enrich the gaming experience. With numerous tweaks, bug fixes, and polished details, Twistex emerges revitalized, promising hours of immersive fun for both new and seasoned players!

[Get Twistex]

Arthur Owl’s Wordblock

If you like word puzzles, check out Arthur Owl’s Wordblock. Don’t let the minimalist art style fool you, this drag-and-drop puzzler will test your brain across more than 200 puzzles ranging in challenge from easy to taxing—and you can even construct your own puzzles to share with others!

[Get Arthur Owl’s Wordblock]

Gesture VR

If you’ve ever wanted to try life drawing—or you’re a seasoned veteran of the art—then Gesture VR is an excellent pick, helping you hone your drawing skills in 2D or 3D. There are more than 200 dynamic models to practice with (including humans and animals), plus options for changing your light source, timer, and more.

You can also activate MR to help you draw in real life from a virtual model, or keep a VR sketchbook filled with your in-app artworks. This is one of the very best artistic apps we’ve tried!

[Get Gesture VR]

What will you try first?

That wraps our SideQuest top picks of VR gems released this month—and it’s definitely been a big one! There’s a lot of awesomeness packed into that list up there—so what will you try first?

As always, if you think we’ve missed something from this list, or you have questions about how to make the most out of SideQuest, we’re always here to help. Until next time, happy SideQuesting!

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