How To Install SideQuest On Your Quest 3

Browse every game available on SideQuest from the comfort of your headset with our easy installer

George Gorringe
2 min readDec 12, 2023


Did you know that you can browse our entire collection of VR apps and games directly within your Quest 3 headset? Simply install the SideQuest app with our easy installer to access sideload-only content, App Lab games, and much more.

All you need is:

  • A computer (PC or laptop)
  • Your Quest 3
  • And a USB-C cable

Install SideQuest on your Quest 3

  1. Go to ‘Get SideQuest’ on your computer, choose the easy installer, download the file, then click ‘open setup instructions’ to open the installer window
  2. Turn on your headset’s Developer Mode (now called ‘Debug Mode’ in the Meta app)
  3. Plug your headset into your computer with the USB-C cable, put on your headset, and follow the prompts to allow debugging and give SideQuest access (don’t confuse this with the file/data access prompt)
  4. On your computer, check that the lights on the right of the window have turned green, then click ‘install SideQuest in your headset’
  5. Once the download is complete, open SideQuest inside your headset by heading to your app library and finding SideQuest in the ‘unknown sources’ filter—you’ll see a 6-digit code appear on the screen
  6. Remove your headset and enter the code into the SideQuest app on your PC/Laptop by going to
  7. Accept permissions and enjoy sideloading on SideQuest!

What you can do now…

With SideQuest installed on your headset, you can:

  • Browse our entire catalog of apps and games—including App Lab!
  • Download any SideQuest or App Lab game directly to your library
  • Sideload any game directly to your library—including popular ports like Doom and Questcraft
  • Install custom homes
  • And more!

Great games you can try first

During 2023, we saw a whopping 24 indie games that started on SideQuest get accepted onto the official Meta Store. This is a massive achievement for the developers, and recognition for making some amazing games—we’d recommend them all!

And now, you can search for and install all of these games directly from your headset using the SideQuest app!

Happy SideQuesting!

About SideQuest

SideQuest represents the ultimate community in standalone VR. A place where developers and players around the globe can create, share, and get excited about the virtual reality apps they love.

Developers (like us) are free to experiment with mechanics and modes on their journey to official stores, while players can safely explore thousands of apps across the wonderful world of VR — the biggest collection all in one place, actually.

Because who needs limits, right?


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