Hyperdogecoinization — an initiative by SideShift AI

In recent weeks SideShift AI has been busy understanding the exact value of 1 DOGE. As you can imagine it has been a lengthy endeavour.

After a deep-dive into the MOON technology behind the project our AI has derived the following formula:

D2 -D2 == (D-D)x(D+D). D2 -D2 = ((D-D)x(D+D))*2.

To celebrate this monumental discovery SideShift AI is running a limited time offer where 1 DOGE = 2 DOGE.

SideShift AI TEST PILOTS can send between $1 and $20. This is a limited time offer. Each TEST PILOT can shift DOGE → DOGE once.

How do I turn 1 DOGE into 2 DOGE?

Being a part of Hyperdogecoinization is easy thanks to the intuitive UX of SideShift AI.

STEP 1: Ensure that DOGE > DOGE is selected.

STEP 2: Send your DOGE (maximum $20 per shift and limited to one per TEST PILOT).

STEP 3: Hold tight as SideShift AI transforms 1 DOGE into 2 DOGE.

Stay up-to-date

Follow SideShift AI on Twitter and be a part of the conversation as 1 DOGE = 2 DOGE.


SideShift AI is currently in its TEST PILOT stage. You can apply for a TEST PILOT CODE here: https://sideshift.ai/pilot