Toronto’s Regent Park neighborhood (above, the intersection of Parliament and Dundas streets in 2010) is undergoing a $1 billion revitalization that hopes to stand as a global model for inclusive communities and public-private housing partnerships. (City of Toronto / Flickr)

Amid an urban affordability challenge, a model for inclusive housing grows in Toronto’s Regent Park

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with University of Toronto urban studies scholar Shauna Brail.

Eric Jaffe
Feb 23, 2018 · 10 min read
A benefit of doing a project that unfolds over five phases (above) and multiple decades is “you’re going to make changes as you go along that will make improvements to the process and improvements to people’s lives,” says University of Toronto scholar Shauna Brail. (Toronto Community Housing)
The Regent Park Aquatic Centre, a new community amenity, has remained accessible to neighborhood residents even as it becomes a popular destination for people across the city. (wsquared photography & creative / Flickr)

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