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Architectural rendering of an airy, wood-filled space holding an indoor market. People walk and shop.
Interior rendering of the ground floor in Proto-Model X, Sidewalk Labs’ prototypical timber building. (Image: Michael Green Architecture and Gensler)

PMX 35, Exploration 2: How to design a timber building that’s easy to make in a factory

In the second part of our series, we explain how we modified the design of our tall timber proto-model to support manufacturing and assembly.

Graphic shows a series of building elements and materials, including balconies, panels, bathroom pods, etc.
Representative images of the kit of parts that form the PMX building. (Image: Michael Green Architecture)

Optimizing the “floor cassette”

Gif of a floor cassette (with internal plumbing) being assembled and placed into a building floor.
Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment is placed into the floor cassette in the factory. The cassettes are then brought to site for insertion into the building. (Image: Integral)

Standardizing the building’s envelope

Gif shows the same high-rise building (PMX) with different facades.
The PMX team explored a number of different facade skins, which show a wide range of architectural possibilities for the building.



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Cara Eckholm

Urbanist, currently CRO at Nabr. Frmr Sidewalk Labs, Zigg Cap, Nat Geo. Princeton grad, Stanford drop-out, focused on cities.