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A person walks down a snowy street in Toronto. (Image: Unsplash user LinedPhoto)

The macro impact of micro-climates

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with Goncalo Pedro about shaping our buildings and public spaces to make a more comfortable public realm.

“In Toronto, if you look at the Distillery District (pictured above), you have this very interesting variety of conditions. You have the open plaza, which is very sunny. If it’s not windy, you’ll see a lot of people sitting out there taking in the sun. You also have these little side streets that, if it’s windy, people will duck into. This provides an environment where people can choose what they want to do depending on how they feel. That kind of variability is pretty crucial.” (Image: Flickr User Karin Lewis)
Slide from the presentation given at the Sidewalk Toronto Public Roundtable #3. The “building raincoat,” a plastic canopy that can be attached to the side of a building, could help us double the amount of hours Torontonians generally dwell outside.



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