Announcing Siempo

When we started to work on Minium it was a minimalist, e-paper phone. We found that a lot of people were interested in the concept but many wanted more than a phone with reduced functionality. As we spoke with more of you and dug deeper into your needs, we ended up evolving both the product and the company. We are now excited to announce the new direction of our phone and brand as Siempo.

What if your phone was designed to help you live well?

If you ever feel like your smartphone demands too much of your time and attention, you’re not alone. An endless stream of information, distraction and knowledge is always waiting for us, just a tap away.

We are constantly connected to anyone in the world, but increasingly disconnected from our true selves. We find it hard to simply just be.

Our conversations with you made it clear that our devices and technology should be doing more to promote a better way of life. We live in an attention economy but the big players aren’t doing anything about it. We believe that it is up to startups to change this is by designing products that help us spend our time well, in whichever way we define this for ourselves.


Our mission is to create tools that promote intentional use of time and help people be more present, focused, and fulfilled. We envision a world where technology empowers us to live well.

To achieve this, we are creating a phone that respects your time and attention so you can find balance in this hyper-connected world. We are starting small and simple with an experience that makes it easy to connect when you want to, and unplug when you don’t. In time we will expand on this to satisfy a wide array of needs.

The name Siempo has a lot of meaning for us. In Spanish, “Tiempo” means “Time”, and Siempo makes us think of “Tempo” and “Simple”. Siempo is about taking control of your time, connecting at your own tempo and living simply.

Our hope is that no matter how you use Siempo, it will give you more mental space, introduce peace of mind and connect you to a better version of yourself.

Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that we are ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of 2017 and would love your help in spreading the word — sign up here to get our updates, tell your friends, and please send any feedback on how we can better fit your needs. We’re here to learn from all of you and are thankful to have you along for the ride.

With gratitude,
Andreas, Andrew, Jorge and Mayank