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Sifchain Recap & Updates Mid-June 2022

Sifchain community, we’re bringing you updates from the world of Sifchain. Our team was all over the world this month while our engineering team was hard at work BUIDLING. Read on for more.

Consensus 2022 & DCentral Austin

Sifchain was represented well at the DCentral and Consensus 2022 conferences in Austin, Texas.

With the conference bringing in ~15,000 attendees, there was never a dull moment at the Sifchain booth.

Conference attendees were excited to learn more about the recent history and upcoming roadmap of Sifchain with our upcoming features Margin Trading and Omni-EVM being core points of interest.

Members of the Sifchain team were able to bond with core members of other Cosmos-based projects across Osmosis, Juno, SCRT, Stargaze, Cosmostation, and more. The main theme of these conversations was around the excitement of coming together as a group to help represent the Cosmos ecosystem as a whole. Many of these ideas and conversations have already started to take form and we are excited to be a part of this movement to bring more projects and users to Cosmos!

DAO & Governance

SifDAO has remained extremely active, raising several discussion periods across topics such as LP lockups, reward parameters, staking inflation parameters, and more. A summary of these that went to on-chain proposals are below.

Make sure to come by our DAO Office Hours held every Tuesday at 1 PM US Pacific Time in the Sifchain Discord, or catch the replay of them on the Sifchain official YouTube!


Sifchain has had tons of media coverage this month. We were on the front page of Bitcoinist in a featured article and we also had an interview with Cosmos influencer Cryptocito and another with Confident in Crypto.

As we gear up for a Margin Trading launch, a main focus of ours will be to educate new and existing users about Margin trading and the impacts it can bring to Sifchain.

Watch the Sifchain Twitter for more media features in the coming weeks.

Product & Engineering

Data Team:

The main focus of the data team has been around making our data repo public and open-sourced. Our goal is to give engineers in the community the tools and guidance they need to build on Sifchain. We want to make it as easy as possible to go from idea to production. Tools we have been hard at work on include:

  • Sif-API: will give the ability to ‘read’ and a way for users to request or create new endpoints.
  • Sif-ETL: will give users the ability to ‘write’.
  • Sifchain.js: will give users the ability to execute DEX functionality, like swapping and pooling.

We have started to collaborate with a test group of developers from the community to help shape these tools and processes. Their assistance and contributions to this will help pave the road for more engineers to be able to build quickly and robustly on top of Sifchain!

Developer Relations Team:

The DevRels team is creating accurate, robust, and easy-to-follow documentation and guides for other developers. This will help support an influx of developers to #BUIDL on Sifchain, while giving them the educational resources they need to be self-sustaining. Check out the walkthroughs they have made thus far:

The team will continue to create these tools and education resources to support external developers in their journey of coming into Sifchain and BUIDLING.

Sifnode Team:

The Sifnode team is contributing to the Engineering initiative to support external developers in building on Sifchain. They are working on a CLP refactor that will make it easier for external contributors to contribute to Sifchain’s code base. In addition, they are working on an upgrade to the 0.45 version of the cosmos SDK.

Frontend Team:

The team continues to make significant progress on Front-Endv3 (FEv3). FEv3 will help removing a lot of complexity under the hood while aiming to make the entire application more performant and the user experience smoother. The FE team has been hard at work at completely re-designing the user experience, while removing friction from various user journeys. The team is now inviting community members to give feedback on the upgraded designs, with these user-feedback sessions kicking off this week.

The team has also been working hard on re-enabling asymmetric liquidity adds. This is a feature our users have come to love, and we are aiming at re-enabling these in our next sifnode release. Please follow our announcements in Discord for the most up to date information on our next release!

Two new tokens were listed this week on the DEX:

Peggy Bridge Team:

The code for the Peggy 2.0 bridge has now been audited by 4 different entities. The team has started to complete the upgrades based on findings across all of these audits. In addition, the team is also focused on the migration of the smart contracts and load testing scenarios to ensure the Peggy 2.0 bridge performs at high capacity.

Margin Trading Team:

The margin team delivered and provided a live demo of the alpha product for the Margin Trading platform. The Command Line Interface (CLI) version is now in testing.

The team is also focused on building the spec for the margin desk front-end.

The margin MVP will allow users to long Rowan with any token as collateral or long any token with Rowan as collateral, and will use our swap interface. Future version of margin will enable shorts and margin positions with any token as collateral against any token.

Get Involved

This is what we’ve been working on in the last two weeks, and we give regular updates via Medium & Discord to keep you in the know.

Plus, here are three simple things you can do to get involved in Sifchain right now:
✅ View & vote on DAO proposals at
✅ Provide liquidity on the dex at
✅ Tell your friends about how epic Sifchain is and join our Telegram & Discord!

Official Channels

Media & content creators, contact us at

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