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Sifchain Update: 17 Oct. — 30 Oct. 2021

Validator Delegation Program

We’re excited to support the community with a delegation program designed to support validators who secure the Sifchain network! If you’re a validator interested in receiving a delegation for your node, please read this for more details.

Extended Liquidity Mining Program

The community has expressed strong support for an extended liquidity program with high APY as per this Google Form shared over Telegram and Discord. An on-chain vote will be coming soon to solidify this program. If approved, it will bring a lot of additional income to poolers as the Sifchain core tech continues to develop. Be on the lookout for a vote proposal soon to make your voice heard!


Much of the Sifchain team will be at Cosmoverse, if you’re in Lisbon then come say hello! Please also tune in for our talk on Saturday where we will be highlighting Sifchain’s progress to date and sharing more details about the future of DeFi in the Cosmos Network and beyond!

Team Updates

Each week, Sifchain’s Engineering teams report progress of their top priorities. Here are this week’s updates:


What is the team working on?

As the Chainops and Frontend teams continue to drive the listing of new tokens on the Sifchain DEX, Sifnode continuously delivers on contributing their part to adding support in a timely manner by completing relevant tasks such as updating whitelists. The Sifnode team is also working on a new functionality that enables the payment of rewards in tokens besides Rowan which should allow for some exciting new formats of liquidity pool reward programs. In addition to this, Sifnode continues the important work of upgrading to CosmosSDK v0.44 by monitoring the Cosmos changelogs and running integration tests to verify work remaining for the upgrade.


What is the team working on?

The Peggy team continues their work on getting integration tests in Peggy 2.0 passing in our development environments, as well as composing all corresponding documentation. The team also continues to monitor and troubleshoot current issues with token transfers across the bridge on Peggy 1.0. The team is continuing to support onboarding new tokens on Sifchain as voted on by the community and through strategic partnerships.


What is the team working on?

This week the Chainops team has wrapped up new validator tooling and documentation, and plans to make these resources even more robust by working on IBC and Sifnoded telemetry collection and display. Additional effort is also being allocated to lowering validator costs for third-party operators. Chainops is also contributing to an internal OpEx initiative of refreshing our testnet environments to automate and expedite core operations and boost daily productivity. Beyond these tasks, Chainops continues to work with the Frontend team to add support for new tokens and setup necessary relayers to new chains with our partner Cephalopod.


What is the team working on?

The Frontend team barrels forward on their mission to make the cross-chain user experience more effortless and powerful than ever before. To this end, this week the team enabled the community-requested OSMO token alongside launching rATOM’s first-ever DEX listing in spectacular fashion. The team continues to collaborate with Testing and Chainops as they ramp up IBC connections to Terra, LikeCoin and e-Money. All the while, they are collaborating with other Cosmos DEX teams as they work to enable widespread support and liquidity for Sifchain’s coveted ERC-20 tokens. The team is also polishing the final touches of the anticipated Trading Competition leaderboard with elements of norse lore and awe-inspiring animations.


What is the team working on?

The Testing team continues to coordinate with partner teams on new IBC token testing as well as regression testing management with our 3rd party QA provider. The team is also reviewing and improving code coverage and unit tests for sifnode core. On the Peggy side, the team is hammering through integration tests in preparation for our transition to Peggy 2.0.

Data Services

What is the team working on?

The Data team is currently working on infrastructure for the upcoming trading competition which includes additional pools, types, and prize rewards. The team also continues to support ongoing rewards programs by generating snapshots for Bonus pools and providing ongoing support for weekly dispensations.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

We welcome traders and developers to give feedback and participate in our network! The best ways to join our community are Telegram, Github, and Discord.

For now, in order to take full advantage of the Sifchain DEX, you must have a Keplr wallet for managing assets on Sifchain and a MetaMask wallet for managing assets on Ethereum. Check out our usage guide article, video tutorials, and “getting started” documentation!

Liquidity and Swapping Rewards

Sifchain allows users to swap any asset on any bridged chain (like Ethereum) for any other assets. Liquidity providers can add liquidity into Sifchain’s liquidity pools where they earn income. Check out our article about swapping and our article about liquidity pooling!

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