Daily digest

This morning I went through my usual routine — clean up, brush teeth, coffee, emails, social media. As I was browsing through it became evident, more so than usual, how for many of us our daily morning digest consists of whatever happens to pop up on our Facebook newsfeed. Sure, maybe you’ll log onto a local newspaper website, or even, dare I say it, turn on the TV (so antediluvian), but let’s face it, this is what people are actually talking about, what they’re actually sharing.

So what’s the state of the news today? What’s on the mind of this little sub-sector of society? Does any of it matter? And is any of it real? What follows are snippets of articles shared by people in my newsfeed this morning, unfiltered, in the same order I found them. Some are doubtlessly more validated than others, unless you happen to be an advocate for the rights of train stations.