Dear Alan, You’ll be Missed

Yesterday morning we got the shocking news that our dear mentor Alan Weinkrantz was killed in a tragic car accident in Tel-Aviv.

Alan was not only a mentor, he was a true friend who was always there to help (#behelpful was his mantra), guide, support and jam new ideas with.

Beyond the fact that he was a one-of-a-kind expert in his field, he had his unique style and rhythm that made everybody love and appreciate him on a personal level. Our feed was only Alan yesterday. Almost everyone in Israel’s tech scene had their ‘Alan moment’ and you could sense that.

We were lucky to have a lot of those moments with Alan over the years.

Just last week, Alan came for office hours with some of our startups, he than went for a jam session with Harvey Brooks, a Jerusalem-based bass player who used to play with Bob Dylan, Miles Davies and many other rock and blues legends. Alan randomly found Harvey’s street-ad few months ago and ever since than he has been jamming with him from time to time.

He came back with his guitar, stepped into our office and asked loudly: “Oh, did I miss #WineWednesdays ?” We immediately went to the fridge, asked “is riesling ok ?” and he responded, “that sounds Israeli…”. Le’chaim.

We said an ordinary goodbye, gave a hug and said that we’ll see each other again in September, during his next visit. He said that he would love to help and that we won’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

When Alan came it was always a special day. We’ll miss him and his unique presence.

Dear friend, wherever you are at right now, keep on rockin’ and bluesin’. Thank you for all the wonderful moments.

Alan in a ‘virtual insanity’ moment. That’s him, El Presidente,
vivir la vida al máximo
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