#MentorSpotlight || Meet Fleur Hassan- Nahoum

“If an idea is not communicated properly and strategically, it won’t stick. It will remain an idea.”


Lawyer by trade, Fleur began her career in law as a barrister, a courtroom lawyer specializing in courtroom advocacy and litigation. Not surprisingly, judging by the company Fleur founded in her later career, she’s always excelled at and enjoyed public speaking.

Driven by a strong passion to move to Israel, Fleur came with her family to the Startup Nation, where she quickly lost all desire to practice law. Instead, she decided to take a step in a different direction: working for the JDC became the first position in a 12-year career in nonprofits. She liked using her public speaking skills to advocate on behalf of others. “I felt I had not only the power, but the responsibility to represent those with no voice”

Fleur Hassan- Nahoum

After both her barrister career and time spent in the nonprofit sector, Fleur decided she wanted to take up a new challenge and start something of her own.

Combining her skills, she founded Message Experts — a boutique communication consulting firm specializing in developing, crafting, and delivering effective messages for organizations.

Fleur’s clients range from large companies start ups and non profit organizations. She teaches effective communications at the IDC Business school, Hebrew and Tel Aviv University, and just became a city councilor for Jerusalem where her aim is to continue strengthening the startup and tech ecosystem in the city and women’s advancement in those areas.

It’s all about the message

Message Experts works with individuals and companies to create powerful messages, optimize their written delivery, and improve and perfect delivery skills, in order to present the message in a clear and impactful way.

According to Fleur, founders have the ability to get done whatever it is they need to get done. That’s why they’re the founders. More often than not, they find difficulty in exciting others about their idea or concept.


It can be because they’re talking in a language that only people in their field understand, or they simply lack the skills to convey their passion properly. But Fleur believes that “if an idea is not communicated properly and strategically, it won’t stick. It will remain just ‘an idea.’

Looking at her career as a cycle, Fleur says that throughout the years she worked in nonprofits she saw the challenges and difficulties in Israel, today through her communications work with top 500 fortune companies and startups, she sees mainly the strengths in Israel.

A tip from the Message Expert

Talk to your audience, not at your audience. Create a customized presentation by thinking from your audience’s perspective.

Put yourself in their shoes what would they want to know about you before the presentation even starts: Who are you? What problem are you solving? What makes you unique? And most importantly, how are you going to make me money?

Startups love talking about the ins and outs of their algorithms. In truth, investors just want to know whether you can see it through and why you believe in the idea.

Tips for founders

  1. Fleur quotes her colleague Donna Griffith “The villain is the hero of your story.” Start with the pain. You have to make people feel that this problem you are presenting is the problem and your solution is thesolution.
  2. Don’t aim to educate the market, see what the real needs are.
  3. Don’t pitch a list of details, pitch a story. Stories move people, “investors are people too”.
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