#MentorSpotlight || Meet Guy Cohen “Founders: Never, ever, give up”


Guy Cohen studied computer science and always felt passionate about the behind the scenes of UX and product design, but also enjoyed the management of companies, understanding the background and internal story of a product — an understanding afforded by a position in general management.

Guy Cohen

In 2004, before Facebook entered the scene, Friendster and Myspace were the two main social networks. Guy got excited about the basic concept behind social networks, “6 degrees of separation”. With two other partners, Guy launched Mekusharim, a social network for the Israeli market.

Israel’s Social Network

Mekusharim struggled for the first year and had a hard time acquiring users, but at its peak reached 2 million users with 400K users a day and almost 1B page views a month. Guy credits the success of Mekusharim to the uniqueness of the combination of the 3 partners.

All partners really dealt with everything but each had a specific focus; Guy was responsible for product design, another partner handled general management, and the third took care of marketing.

Mekusharim was sold to Walla in 2009, after which the team worked on it for another 2 years until Guy and one of his partners broke off and started their own venture called, Social Layer, a company focused on building sophisticated web applications, be it social networks or other products relying on heavy backends.

After some time though, the team decided to close the company for a lack of passion for the venture. With that, Guy headed into the world of UX and design, while his partner moved into big data.


Guy is now at Playsight Interactive as a freelancer, offering UX design services to several clients including some major companies such as Teva and smaller startups.

Most recently, Guy joined a Siftech Round 5 startup, TryOn Heroes, as a designer. TryOn Heroes, “Amplifying content with Influencers”, uses influencer marketing to specifically target ads connecting creators/ influencers with publishers and brands.

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