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A Time to Listen, Reflect, Act, and Represent

Today, our demands for racial justice and human dignity are spurred by the tragic killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and many others. We are witnessing demonstrations and protests against violent forms of systemic racism, throughout the US and worldwide. In this struggle for justice, SIGCHI stands with Black communities, under-represented minorities, and their allies. Black lives matter. Today and every day.

  1. Listen and Reflect: We will identify avenues for our community members to share their experiences, observations, and suggestions around representation and existing practices, so that we can all listen actively, reflect, and learn. We will work together with those whose ability to participate is impacted, to identify ways of amplifying these voices. We will organize dialogues with our members so we all may strengthen our approaches to identifying and addressing prevalent forms of discrimination, racial and otherwise.
  2. Act Locally: Relying on lessons learned through active listening, we will communicate practices for our community to engage and adopt in personal and professional arenas, including in SIGCHI conferences, events, and publications.
  3. Represent: We will conduct a systematic review of formal SIGCHI policies and regular practices to examine how best we can respond to bias and bring down barriers that obstruct equal participation for any number of reasons. Specifically, we will take a deeper look at our conferences, volunteering, and community support offerings, to assess how our community may be better represented.



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Helena Mentis

Associate Professor and Associate Dean at UMBC; President of ACM SIGCHI.