2023 Executive Committee Elections

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SIGDOC is searching for volunteer-leaders to run for election in 2023.


The ACM Special Interest Group for Design of Communication is a vibrant international professional organization providing a forum for researchers and practitioners of the design of communication, including user experience design, information architecture, information design, and user assistance as well as technology that supports and enhances communication. We host an annual international conference that results in a peer-reviewed proceedings. We also publish Communication Design Quarterly, edited by Jordan Frith. Both are housed in the ACM’s digital library.

Why should you consider a leadership role?

Organizations are best when run by active and committed members. It is also a way to show leadership at an international level for a professional organization that may be supportive for international leadership on all your promotion documents. Notice I left “tenure” out of “tenure and promotion” documents. We are seeking recently (and not so recently) tenured folks because we want junior scholars to join the tenured as expeditiously as possible. Contact the nominating chair directly if you have a compelling reason to consider yourself an exception.

Elected Positions (Three-year terms)


Runs the organization, the Special Interest Group, and coordinates communication with Association for Computing Machinery by attending two annual meetings and preparing an annual report, maintains regular communication with ACM and SIG executive board, supports the conference chair, and generally advocates for the SIG, its value, and its brand.

Vice Chair

Supports the Chair, counsels the Chair on major decisions, supports the program chair at the Chair’s direction, and generally advocates for the SIG, its value, and its brand. When necessary, represents the SIG at ACM meetings.


Supports the Chair, oversees fiscal matters and budgetary decisions, discusses financial issues with the Chair, and provides support and information when compiling the annual report. Works with the conference chair and conference treasurer to ensure the viability of the conference.

How to Submit Nominations

Please submit a nomination or self-nomination to the nominating chair, Emma Rose by November 18, 2023 [ejrose@uw.edu RE: SIGDOC election]. SIGDOC will submit our list of candidates to ACM at the end of November and elections will be held in Spring 2023. All candidates must be members of the SIG and Professional Members of ACM.

Please contact SIGDOC’s Nominating Chair and Past Chair Dr. Emma Rose (ejrose@uw.edu) to discuss any of the positions or what it is like to serve on the SIGDOC Executive Committee.

We thank you for your consideration!



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