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Month 8: Cabin lowdown

On our way back from the half-marathon, a friend of ours from Quebec joined us for a day which started with breakfast and ended in a long walk on the beach.

The month saw berries up the wazoo and our little vegetable garden had started giving back with a regular harvest potatoes, onions, and peas!

Left to Right: Peas from garden, berries, potatoes and onions from garden

Project 1: Tool Shed

The next day we started work on the tool shed. It involved digging holes and hauling gravel and then putting down the cement blocks. After which, I retired to complete my data science course. In the first 4 days, all the walls went up and by the end of the first week, the entire structure was up and just in need of painting. By the end of the month, we completed shelving and included a modular queen bed, for extra visitors.

Tool shed stages

Project 2: Deanery Project & trip into Dartmouth

To paint the toolshed, we needed to buy massive amounts of paints and we decided to make it a bit of trip. The first day we went to the Deanery Project (The Deanery Project is a not-for-profit, which used to be a summer camp and now is a cooperative that works with permaculture, natural building materials, and energy efficient construction) at Lake Charlotte to attend the Sealights and Skylights festival for a viewing of the perseid meteor shower and some bio-luminescence. We also got to see the moon, Jupiter and Saturn through a telescope as well as some meteors. The next morning we left to Dartmouth stopping at Porters Lake for a small camping trip. After buying an excessive amount of paints (terracotta red and spruce green) for the tool shed we made our way back.

Project 3: Painting the shed & water-cube

The painting of the shed took about four days and what felt like a million coats of paint (we managed to buy some white semi-transparent paint which did nothing and needed a billion coats). But the end product seemed great! During the shed painting, we also took the opportunity to mount a 1100 litre industrial water cube on a waterproofed pallet, paint it, and install a tarp as a rainwater collection system.

Left to Right: Water-cube and painted tool shed

Project 4: Church tour

The day before Steven’s parents left for a week’s holiday, there was an event where the churches in the eastern shore opened their doors for a day and we tried to make the most of it by visiting some of them. The churches in the eastern shore are very dramatic mostly because of positioning on cliffs and near the ocean making them look like they’re from Father Ted. The churches were also giving away cookies so it turned out to be a pretty sweet deal.

Left (top: Sheet harbour, bottom: Sober Island) Right (top: Spry bay, bottom: Watt section)

Side note: Picnic to Sober Island

On one of the last few sunny days we managed to cycle to and all over Sober Island, with a packed picnic and chai, to visit some beaches.

Sober Island picnic

Project 5: Cliff path & canoe rides

When Steven’s parents came back, they did so with a new canoe and another friend and cabin owner which meant there were five of us in the cabin for a week. We managed to walk to the big cliff a few times and even cut a path to it. We also took out the new canoe for a trip to the near by islands and did some wandering.

Left to right: view from cliff, path to cliff, canoe island

Project 6: Dock Out

By the end of the week before everyone was going to leave, the dock was removed safely from the water using a hand winch and logs for sliding rails.

Project 7: Camp Oven

Over a couple of hours, Steven’s father made a triangular camp oven with leftover tin. We have been using it since to bake plenty — including cookies and biscuits.

Camp oven & cookies & biscuits

By the end of the month, we were back to four people and soon after that, back to two. The end of the month also brought on the arrival of our Norwegian neighbour (whom we helped build a cabin) and tidings of a hurricane that was fast approaching Nova Scotia.

Books read recently

Three cups of tea — Greg Mortenson

Dawn: Xenogenesis trilogy — Octavia E Butler

Autumn — Karl Ove Knausgaard

The tangled tree : A radical new history of life —David Quammen



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