Welcome to Sigma Squared Society

Today is a very special day as it marks the launch date of Sigma Squared Society.

With this letter, I would like to clarify the intentions behind this launch and the switch from Kairos Society to Sigma Squared Society. After Kairos Global reached the decision to focus primarily on the fund, we have jointly decided to re-unite many global Kairos chapters in a new unified community, the Sigma Squared Society.

Our Intention

To us, it has been incredibly rewarding to support members of our community save lives, reduce carbon and raise equality globally — to name just a few examples.

Our perception of what is possible has drastically changed over the course of building this community. We have seen with our own eyes that young people can change the world. We have seen that being an outlier can be one of the greatest catalysts for innovation. We have seen that uniting outliers in a community of like-minded peers is a recipe for serendipity. Feeling as if you are one against the world can be challenging. But connecting with a whole group of individuals thinking alike might give us young changemakers the energy and confidence to continue on our missions.

Our intention of initiating Sigma Squared stems from our love for engineering serendipity. In the past, we have seen how our fellows have built solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including the pandemic we currently face. Fellows have created, amongst others, Novid-20 (which built the contract tracing app for the Georgian government) and Vitolus (offering smart and efficient mobile corona test stations). We have seen unicorn companies, global non-profits, and many other incredible initiatives arise — some of which were only founded because our Fellows met and collaborated.

We have furthermore noticed that the intergenerational dynamics have shifted. The half-life period of corporations is now a sixth of what it used to be 30 years ago. Global corporations are estimated to remain in the S&P-500 index, on average, for 12 years, compared to almost 60 years in 1958. Today’s senior leaders face a labyrinth of new opportunities generated by emerging tech and, more often than before, make suboptimal decisions based on poor judgement of new technologies, new ways of thinking, and new models of behaviour. We have noticed that it is crucial to unite young and old, which is why we work on connecting fellows with senior decision-makers, in business and politics — to shape a better future.

The idea of Sigma Squared Society is to embrace this new trend. We are convinced that with the right structure in place, the sum is greater than its pieces: By bringing together young, value-driven and ambitious change-makers, we unleash world-changing potential. Our entire organisation exists to empower young overachievers to achieve their bold visions quicker: We connect incredible fellows among each other, create a supportive peer-to-peer structure, host learning sessions with world-renowned experts, initiate mentoring relationships, and help founders get access to value-add capital.

Moreover, we want to disseminate the presence of young leaders; we want to see them on boards of global corporations, political bodies, and large institutions. We are convinced that decision-making is improved by diversity of age — especially given that young people understand new technologies, new trends, and new organisational models.

With new technologies changing the world in such drastic ways, exponential growth becomes a core theme of the 21st century — and it is facilitated best when young, tech-driven founders collaborate with experienced decision makers. As this change continues, our world flips upside down. Now, more than ever, is the time to look up to young entrepreneurs on how emerging technologies and new ways of thinking will help us solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. You will find these young change-makers at Sigma Squared Society.

Our Vision

We have a strong value-driven approach in selecting the individuals who join the Society. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ — we are hence interested in only supporting people with a purpose-driven approach, a humble attitude, and a curious mindset. We support those who have good intentions for our planet and society.

We are convinced that we can find the world’s brightest, young, value-driven entrepreneurs on this planet in all 196 countries and unite them in a global community which itself initiates positive change. We are furthermore convinced that world-changing ideas, products and organisations will originate within Sigma Squared, be amplified by our Society’s value creation bodies, and disseminated by our network. Sigma Squared will be the place where outstanding, young entrepreneurs meet and solve the biggest problems of today and the future.

Introducing Sigma Squared Society

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
- Frank Zappa

Sigma Squared Society embraces deviation. We look for those who reimagine, those who rethink, those who reprogram. More boldly, we seek out those who act upon their deviating world-view; those who initiate change. We believe that every generation counts 50.000 people who eventually change the world. We are convinced that we can find and support such individuals. To us, building a better world means to amplify those who already shape the future. We have thus built a global network of over 1000 upstanders spanning over 50 countries.

By being part of the Sigma Squared Society, you prioritise innovation over stagnation, deviation over standardisation, and action over surrender. Sigma Squared is a community of those who don’t wait for change but initiate, accelerate and implement it.



Uniting and empowering the world’s most ambitious founders under 26.

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