Blind Landings

The immense profile of a Fortizar class citadel blurred rapidly into vision as my head begin to swim with the effects of operating a cynosural jump drive within close proximity to organic material. As unpleasant as this sort of quantum transportation was for capsuleers, it impacted crews even more. They had to live with their physical bodies permanently and the aging process was greatly accelerated by quantum travel of this nature. No matter the reason for our presence, I was happy to see ERVK-P again.

The SMS Träger, a Thanatos class carrier and my fleet’s flagship shook violently as its jump drive stabilized. A low, droning hum overtook all of the routine sounds of the carrier’s bridge, indicating that the ship — and all of the invaluable possessions it contained — were now tethered and under the control of the administrative crew of the Fortizar. “Fleet, dock up.” Pygon crackled over the fleet comms. “I guess now we get to find out if Gibguard, Scorpio and Thormadragon were able to get word to their people in time.”

As the imposing Imperium Technologies flagship fleet began mooring in the abandoned docking bay we’d been offered, crowds of local capsuleers and their crews began to form at the isolated dock’s entrance. Pygon, who was the only IT capsuleer who hated cyno jump sickness more than me, had already exited his flagship (likely for a short walk to clear his head) and was being accosted by the gathered locals. “What do you mean we can’t access this dock for now? Who the hell are you, with your fancy ships and orders? You think your connections intimidate me?” A burly capsuleer had begun to grow irritated with a calm, but obviously exhausted, Pygon. “Like I said, if you’ll get in touch with Gibguard he’ll tell you what you need to know. We’ll be out of your way as soon as we possibly can. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we certainly don’t want any diplomatic issues.” “You’ve already got ‘diplomatic issues’ asshole. I don’t care what Gibguard says, or anyone else for that matter! As of yesterday, you and your entire alliance were considered enemies of our state. Something’s not right here and I intend to get to the bottom of it. If I have my way, you’ll all be biomass within an hour!” The capsuleer stormed off, trailed by the majority of the angry mob. Those who remained seemed far more interested in admiring the hardware now on display in what seemed to be a long abandoned, forgotten and unused wing of the massive citadel.

“Think we’ll hear from him again?” Natron, who always seemed to be present, but I never seemed to notice approaching, spoke up from a few meters off Pygon’s right shoulder. “If he wants to start a fight with the likes of Thormadragon, Scorpio DK and Gibguard, I don’t think we have a lot to worry about. Besides what are they going to do? Die to our fleet to prove a point? Without the Evictus leadership’s backing none of them can really do much to us that wouldn’t result in them rebuilding their fleets for the next six months. No, we won’t hear from him again. Regardless, tell your crews that leaving their ships is off limits, we don’t intend to stay any longer than we must and I don’t want to squander the considerable good will we’ve been shown.” Pygon was already moving towards his docking bay. “Keep your comms on, don’t rest any more than you have to and stay alert. We won’t be seeing each other in person again until we arrive at our destination, and it’s going to be a long trip. Gibguard offered us a chance to be safe for a time, and to resupply. I suggest everyone refuel and prepare to feel like shit for the next couple of weeks.” “Great… I almost prefer the new clone discomfort to the cyno sickness nausea. Can’t I just let one of these locals kill me and wake up wherever we’re going?” I wasn’t sure if Wierd Beard was kidding. “If you do, your ships and crews stay here. Up to you. But we all know you’re not leaving that Falcon behind again.”

Continued From: “Friends Who Never Die