A Review of the Modern Security Series

Time to reflect on 2016 for the Modern Security Series

Wow, 2016 was a busy year over at Signal Sciences, we doubled the size of our team, helped dozens of major customers defend their web application stacks and we kicked off our Modern Security Series. Throughout 2016 we had industry leaders join the show and bring their stories about the latest and greatest in security and DevOps. As a welcome back to work, we have all the episodes listed below from the archives to help you find your favorites or discover something new.

Without further ado, here is the Modern Security Series from 2016:

  1. In April (our first show), Zane Lackey, Signal Sciences CSO and Founder, talked on on building a Modern Security Org.

2. In May, Matt Tesauro brought a talk on a pipeline for appsec program that was wildly popular.

3. Yep, Security and Kubernetes ( & docker) is a hot topic! Last June Matt Johansen demystified it for you.

4. One question we get often is how are WAFs and RASPs different. Our very own Tyler Shields broke it down last July.

5. The one and only, Shannon Lietz of DevSecOps fame did an excellent talk on CI/CD and the impact of safety and security in August.

6. We were joined in September by Ryan Huber from Slack with his great talk on AuditD.

7. October brought us Jim Manico straight from Hawaii to talk about the problems organizations face with DevOps and Security.

8. Yes! Gene Kim came on the show in November and illuminated current DevOps work and where the industry is driving towards.

9. The Docker talk earlier in the year was so popular, we knew we had to bring Chenxi Wang (chenxi wang) to the show in December to show the security benefits of Docker.

Well, 2016 was a busy year and 2017 is going to be even better. We look forward to traveling down the next 12 months together and we thank you so much for joining us.