Team Member Feature: Max Anderson

Max Anderson— Team Member at Signal Sciences

“I’ve written security-related blog posts, attended security conferences, and opened GitHub tickets as part of our efforts to keep things collaborative between sales, marketing and product,” Max Anderson begins reflecting on his year and a half at Signal Sciences.

Max is one of Signal Sciences’ technically versed salespeople who has credible, impactful conversations with CISOs about the challenges they face, and what they can do with the Signal Sciences platform. He is also known around the office as owner of our favorite chihuahua, Chester, and one of our top tequila aficionados.

Max and Chester, the unofficial Signal Sciences mascot

In June 2015, Max was the first person to join the Signal Sciences sales team under our Director. Prior to joining, Max worked in various sales and sales operations roles at other software companies, but his security knowledge was “basically limited to ‘change your password once in a while’ and ‘don’t click funny looking links.’”

He continues: “The biggest win for me has been the progress I’ve made toward mastering an area of technology that was new to me. Web application security is just an incredibly fascinating and relevant space right now.”

Other developments Max notes include being part of a sales team that has grown by 6X since he joined, hit several big revenue milestones and signed our first Fortune 1000, Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 clients.

“I feel lucky to work with a group of such talented, down to earth people,” he says. “Everyone on the team is approachable, willing to help, and aligned around the same goals of building a great product and a great company.”

Max points out that as Signal Sciences has grown, “one of the things we’ve done is built processes and invested in technology to put ourselves in a good position to continue scaling.”

This is huge, since year over year, we have doubled the Signal Sciences team, and will at least double again in 2017.

“We’ve also learned so much about our customers, the challenges they face, why they like our product, and how they make decisions. With each new engagement, we’re able to help apply that knowledge.

One of the things that sets Signal Sciences apart in my opinion is the genuine interest the whole team has in helping our customers solve hard problems.

That empathy is something we’ll need to make sure we maintain as we grow and bring on more people in customer facing roles.”

Signal Sciences employees, including founders Andrew, Zane and Nick, believe that it is extremely important that the empathy Max mentions is engrained in our culture, who we are, and how we connect with customers.

With about half of of the Signal Sciences team working remotely, we work very hard to maintain company culture. Frequent video meetings, office gatherings, engineering feedback sessions, and our semi annual event Camp Sig Sci diminishes the distance while helping our employees feel part of the big picture.

Rounding out the year, Max is looking forward to the next Camp Sig Sci coming up in January. “Camp Sig Sci is especially fun, when all of the people who work remotely fly in for a week and we do things like ‘family dinners’ where people team up and each cook a dish together for the whole company. James is a BBQ Jedi Master and I’ve been fortunate enough to be his apprentice at 2 family dinners now, so my BBQ skills have developed as well.”

Signal Sciences is looking for more driven, intelligent and fun employees like Max. If you are interested in joining Signal Sciences’ team, please check out our careers page.

Sig Sci employees gather for a feedback session

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