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Hello, here is Signal Widget

Tim Kirbach
Oct 31, 2017 · 3 min read

We created a tool, to make important business announcements much better:

  1. ban outdated and forgotten announcements once and for all
  2. make it so simple to make announcements, that you want to make a new one every day.

From our experience with maintaining client websites, we know how difficult it is to maintain content on your own website. Announcements are even worst, they become obsolete at a very specific time. Everyone has come across websites where something like this was still online:

  • around Easter: happy new year
  • 2017: visit us on the exhibition in March 2016
  • next event in April 2014
  • in August: we are closed during our holiday from the 20.6–28.6 and we welcome you back on the 29.6
  • We are moving to a new location. We will reopen in December 2015.

Nobody wants to give an impression that the own business is outdated. Especially business owners, who want to give a good impression to potential, new and existing customers.

There are two main reasons why this happens:

  1. You work hard on make the event a success and get as many customers informed. This is why you wrote the announcement on your website in the first place. After that event, you go back to business as usual or already plan the next event. The announcement is simply forgotten because other things have a higher priority.
  2. Changes to the website are too complicated:
    a) The system to administrate the website is too complicated to make writing the announcement fast in the first place: Login to that CMS system, figure out again how to find the page and how to change the content. Then figure out, how to format the content properly. But how to format in a professional way? Make it stand out without looking ugly.
    b) There are too many people to coordinate to make this small change: Get all information together, contact the web administrator, wait for a response, approve the change, wait till it is finally online.

We are sure, we solved both of them:

  • We made editing the announcement text, so easy that anyone can use it. So you as the business owner can do it fast on your own or can delegate it to a nontech-savvy person.
  • You can use our system from any device: No special Software required. Easy to do it on-the-go.
  • Our system does not forget to remove an announcement. So no outdated announcements anymore.
  • It works with any website. It fulfills the web-standards and integrates smoothly into any website.

Integration into any website

If you have a new complex, fully styled, custom, your corporate design matching website, you benefit from our service. As the responsible person, you don’t need to give someone access to administrate the full website. You only give them access to the Signal Widget and they can write announcements. You can even customize the style to match your brand guide.

If you have a standard WordPress blog, you benefit from our service, too. Instead of creating a new blog post, which only contains a few sentences and gets hidden between your major articles, you can create an announcement that is visible on every page of your website. Additionally, you don’t end up with broken links, when you remove the announcement later.

As the integration is simply placing a small html-Code snippet into your Website, it works with any website.


During the integration, you can specify, where the announcement should appear. In many cases above the first headline is a good place. Depending on your layout you might want to have it saved as a separate column next to your content. You specify any location on your website and it will get inserted there.

Signal Widget comes with Themes for the most popular Web-Frameworks like Bootstrap 3, Material Design and Zurb Foundation. We already have a Bootstrap 4 Theme included.

Of course, you can style every aspect of the Announcement Design on your own, too.

If you can write an email or send a Facebook post, you are more than qualified to write announcements with Signal Widget.

Check out Signal-Widget and give it a try.

Write to me ( if you experience any hick-ups or have some thoughts you would like to share.


About easier announcements on small business websites —…

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