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New signal BEL/USDT

🆕 Notification: New signal

Channel: Crypton
Channel’s profitability: 1227.02%
APS (Average Profit per Signal): 2.18%

➖➖➖➖Signal data:➖➖➖➖
🔵 Signal status: Waiting for the opening

Asset’s current value: 4.1086
Pair: BEL/USDT (
Input: 4.1219
Leverage: 8

Type: long

1) 4.1364–20%
2) 4.1529–20%
3) 4.1693–20%
4) 4.2019–20%
5) 4.2839–20%

1) 3.8719–100%

❗️Risk Rate: 373.25%

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