Pitching for a turntable

We tend to play a lot of vinyl during working hours at the Signalfire headquarters — and obviously have a specific taste with regards to vinyl players. If we had to vouch for one, we’d obviously recommend you the Technics SL-1200 series. It is one of those things we don’t get twisted, why would we?

Technics 1200-series — http://technics.com

However, Pioneer has been putting serious effort into designing their relatively new PLX-series, which are turntables for both DJ’ing and the general playback of vinyl. Whether you’re a fan of time-coded, regular wax or dub plates, this piece of hardware seems worth testing. After the recent — more expensive — predecessor, the PLX-1000, the company has decided to design the PLX-500. This ‘new model targets home listeners and DJs on a budget, which retails for €349, while the PLX-1000 goes for €620’.

Pioneer PLX-500 — http://pioneerdj.com

Features — PLX500:

1. line output (no need for an external amplifier).
2. USB output for ripping vinyl to digital formats.
3. Cartridge, stylus & slipmat included.

Although we tend to vouch for the Technic’s SL-1200, we’re actually keen to investigate the differences between the original Technics and Pioneer’s new PLX-500. We think that Technic’s landmark is the industrial standard for various reasons, but are open to new alternatives as technology develops with the speed of light (and the price of the old gun has sky-rocketed the past few years). Therefore we might plan on buying the PLX-500 instead and give this bad boy a test drive. If we do, we’ll most definitely post up for a review — but until then, we’ll enjoy our (second hand) Technics player.

Thanks for reading!