A Night to Remember

It all started with the app Bandsintown.

Curiosity led me to see what concerts were coming up in Singapore over the semester. Tycho tonight — Thursday—at the Victoria Theatre.

Tickets sold out online. $65 SGD a ticket.

I posted on Facebook. Why not try?

I ate what I could at Canteen 12 and booked it downtown.

Bus 179 -> EW/Green MRT (subway) -> City Hall station. SISTIC agent at the Esplanade Theatre.

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay (Spiney building on the left)

“Do you have any tickets left for the Tycho show tonight?”

“Sorry. It’s sold out.”

“What do you think I should try?”

“Maybe go to the venue and check there?”

Esplanade Theatre -> Victoria Theatre (by foot).

I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating Singapore without a GPS

“Are there any more tickets?”

“Sold out.”

I turn myself into a fool and loiter around the concert hall’s two separate entrances, oscillating back and forth between clusters of people, “Do you have any spare tickets?”

I walk up to one group. “Do you have any extra tickets?” “No, I’m looking for one too . . . All my friends have them,” says one girl. “Good luck.” “Good luck.”

Another couple is also looking for tickets. The man tells me, “You’ll probably find one since you’re just by yourself. It’s harder with two.”

Currently 19:40. Doors at 20:00.

The girl from before comes up to me. She asks, “Any luck?”

Me: “No, you?”

Her: “No. I think I will give up.”

Sigh. I spend the next couple of minutes talking with her, sharing our fortunate circumstance. Turns out: she’s from Bangkok, visiting her friends in Singapore, Marketing & PR from Bangkok University International College (no wonder her English is so good), currently does free-lance design & makeup. And she has a band.

Out of nowhere, two girls walk up to us. “Are you looking for tickets? We have two.” No way. “How much?” “$60 a piece?” Out of nowhere, another girl comes up. “You were the guy looking for tickets! We have an extra, take it.” She gives me the ticket, smiles, and says, “seating is right next to the girl whose ticket it was, you’ll see her inside.” Astonished, I thank her profusely. She walks away. I feel bad for my new Thai friend. We split the cost of one of the other tickets from the other two girls for $30 each. Pumped to have just gotten into $65 concert for $30, I buy a shirt.

I sit at my seat and see the girl (Indian with a British accent) whose ticket it was. I introduce myself and thank her obsessively. “Is there anything I can do to repay you?” “It’s your welcome to Singapore present. I’m just glad it’s getting used.”

Concert was amazing.


I want to see my Thai friend before taking off, so I wait outside after the concert ends. We see each other and she lets me know that she’s looking for her friend. I hang around until we find her (Singaporean). They ask me what I’m up to, and I say not much. I might go to Clarke Quay to hang out with my friends later tonight (I had no Friday class this week), but I’m not so sure whether they’re even going.

“Come with us,” my Thai friend says. We meet up with two others in their group (two guys, Singaporean) that were at the concert and we go get food together. I ask the guys what I should order, and they tell me “we’ll bring you something.” Oyster omelette, various meat Satay with peanut sauce, and a sugar cane drink. Best food I’ve had here. “How much do I owe you guys?” “No worries.” I tried to give them money. Nope.

We get a couple beers at 7-Eleven (yes, that’s the go to place to buy alcohol in Singapore). We hang out and talk for a while on the Esplanade/Marina Bay waterside. I learned a lot about my new friends.

May is from Bangkok. Her Thai band, Cloud Behind, is incredible. She told me that she would show me around Bangkok/Thailand when I visit (thinking Spring Break).

Cherie is Singaporean. Her band http://obedientwivesclub.bandcamp.com/track/summerloove is awesome, and she does side projects too. Cherie was in the newspaper a couple days ago http://bit.ly/1DO9W27. Both May and Cherie tour Southeast Asia with their bands. They know eachother through bandmates. Both of their music styles are Shoegazey, Electronic, and Dreampop-like.

Tremin owns a record shop downtown in Tiong Bahru. https://www.facebook.com/curatedrecords

Kenny is an architect on the team that designed the Esplanade Theatre, the UAE Dubai Mall, and more. DP Architects. The firm designed most of the Singapore skyline.

I take a cab ride home (2am) and talk in Mandarin with my Chinese driver about school, his kids, the US, when he moved from China to Singapore.

Unforgettable evening.

Singapore Downtown view from Esplanade
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