Dutch start-up heats homes for free with server network


The Dutch start-up Nerdalize is launching a second pilot to heat homes for free by installing computer servers in them. Companies pay the start-up for the server space, and the homes benefit from the excess heat.

Nerdalize has developed a way to integrate the server with domestic water heaters, offering home owners free hot showers powered by data use.

Not only does the home owner saves on heating bills, but the data customer saves on server bills: Nerdalize is offering its servers at 50% market rates, by cutting space and cooling costs.

So what?

This is a smart step towards a circular energy system, recovering heat as a by-product rather than ploughing money into keeping servers cool.

As server demand continues to soar, models such as this could play a significant role in the long-term viability and sustainability of our digital lives.


— By Anna Simpson // #signalofchange via dot

This article was first published on the Futures Centre on 14 Jun 2017.

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