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Leaving stealth mode: Hi!

A new approach to driverless mobility

7 September 2021. Big day for our portfolio company Vay! The startup that formerly went by the name REE Technologies has come out of stealth mode and revealed what they have been working on for the past three years: Vay_io will launch a driverless, certified, commercial mobility service on public streets. Unique about Vay is its teledrive-first approach to autonomous driving.

Vay’s remotely operated, electric cars have already been on the road in Berlin for two years of testing, successfully circumventing a lot of the complex problems that fully autonomous vehicles face to date. Learn more in this video:

Video Source:

Congratulations to the entire team on the great progress to date! We at signals Venture Capital are thrilled to be a part of this exciting endeavor, together with our co-investors Atomico, Visionaries Club, La Famiglia VC, System.One, CREANDUM as well as individuals like Patrick Pichette and Cristina Stenbeck. We are eager for all of you to experience Vay’s services once they launch next year!

Read what the press says via Handelsblatt, Bloomberg, Sifted, and Business Insider.



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