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Jul 6, 2020 · 3 min read

Exciting times at signals Venture Capital: Not only our portfolio is growing, but our team is, too! We have hired a bunch of new people to support us in our mission of identifying the most talented founders and supporting them along their growth path. As enablers, our goal is to help founders scale the ambitious businesses they are building. With that idea in mind, we are also building our team.

Today, we are excited to introduce you to the new faces here at signals Venture Capital. Please meet Remo, Lavinia and Saskia!

Remo Mahler

Remo joined our investment team in June 2020. He is passionate about companies that want to reshape industries by using data and machine learning, especially in the enterprise and mobility sectors. Remo studied Industrial Engineering and Management at TU Berlin and spend an exchange term at TU Delft. He joins the team from innogy’s VC arm, where he mostly worked on deal hunting and due diligences. Prior to that, he gained experience in M&A and at an operational VC, where he additionally supported portfolio companies as EiR.

In his free time, he loves anything that involves a good bunch of Vitamin D, like surfing, beach volleyball, or outdoor running.

Lavinia Wolf

Lavinia joined signals Venture Capital in May 2020 to build up communications, marketing and ecosystem activities. Before joining signals VC, Lavinia served as a project lead for a global deeptech startup program at a Berlin-based non-profit organization, focusing on project development, ecosystem building as well as conference production. She studied Political Communication at Freie Universität Berlin and has worked in PR, journalism and at the office of a member of the German parliament.

A social scientist by training, she is curious about digitization, the societal implications of technological change, and how it is being propelled by startups.

Saskia Salamon

Saskia joined signals Venture Capital in March 2020 as a team assistant. She supports the team and partners in all administrative matters and is the first point of contact for everyone reaching out to us. Saskia studied Business and Service Management and worked as a project manager in facility management.

Besides her work at signals VC, Saskia is following her creative streak as an abstract painter and organizes her own exhibitions nationally and internationally.

For all updates on signals Venture Capital, including news about open positions, follow our social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

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sVC Perspective

Our personal insights into the world of venture capital, stories from our portfolio companies and team, and the insider’s perspective on our investments.

signals VC

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signals Venture Capital is a €100 million VC fund, investing in data-driven companies in enterprise software and adjacent fields. Seed/Series A for starters.

sVC Perspective

Our personal insights into the world of venture capital, stories from our portfolio companies and team, and the insider’s perspective on our investments.

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