The Next Stage in the Evolution of Drug Development

We are excited to back the Molecule team in their latest pre-seed round led by Lunar Ventures.

The Pharmaceutical Industry: A Broken System

A Brief History of Drug Discovery

Figure 1: Traditional drug discovery and development process of Big Pharma. The entire drug discovery process from compound sourcing to sales and distribution is efficiently streamlined within one company. Note, there is no interaction and thus, no collaboration between the development processes of different companies

The Fragmentation of the Drug Discovery Process

Figure 2: Current Drug Development Process. This example shows the path from drug discovery to buyout. Although most companies do not get beyond the first stage, those who do, are eventually bought out by an IP buyer or a Big Pharma company. Note that each participant is interacting with the company despite being only interested in the IP. Furthermore, the exchange of knowledge with other research teams and patient groups is one-directional

The Transformation of the Drug Discovery Process

Figure 3: Example of Drug Development with Molecule. On Molecule’s platform, the IP is separated from the company. This democratizes access to knowledge for each stakeholder in a give-and-take fashion. Everyone can participate in the advancement of IP by contributing research or funding, while also receiving shares or data in return. Note that each stakeholder is interacting with the IP instead of a company. This naturally allows all stakeholders to free up resources for the advancement of the IP instead of negotiating funding rounds



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