Anne Frank

Dear Anne Frank

I finally got the chance to read your diary and it now lays next to my read-books. I read the words you once thought no one will be interested to read. I read your diary with an open mind, trying to imagine how bad it was living in the annexe at a time of war when anyone walking the streets would consider you an enemy. Although it was the first time reading your diary, it’s not that I wasn’t aware of how it will end. Despite that, I felt sorry for a soul that left this life earlier than it should. Despite all that you’ve been through, I’m a bit glad that the cause of death was typhus rather than being shot or a bomb dropped over that annexe you used as a shelter.

Reading your diary, your confusion for the reason behind the hate for Jews, made me wonder what your thoughts will be if you were alive today. What you would have to say about what’s going on in Palestine. The people who don’t have the luxury to hide in an annexe. Those who go for days without food and don’t have the option of eating boiled rotten cabbage. Those who like you, love to read and continue their education. Those who, unlike you, didn’t know a time when it wasn’t war. Those who lived way more than 2 years in fear of being killed one way or another.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not undermining what you’ve been through. I could tell from your writings how hard it is to give up a privileged life. To one day lose all the freedom you once had. To be locked in a place while even prisoners get the chance to sit outside and breathe fresh air. I could imagine how scary it is to constantly be in fear of someone finding your hiding place, for a an air raid to this time hit the annexe. The fear of not being sure you’ll be alive the next day.

I’m sure if you were alive today you would’ve hated what’s going on. You’d be walking the streets, entering homes, moving from one mouth to another ear to another mouth and another ear. People will read your writings and listen to your words. I could imagine a novel on the shelves of Waterstones and Foyles warning people of the dangers war would have on humanity. I would wait in line and ask for a signed copy.

Being able to develop a character of your own in such a confined space is inspiring. Your ability to find a purpose and a reason to keep going and staying strong no matter what had an impact on me. I loved reading your diary out of curiosity and the need to know about people’s experiences.

There are many Anne Franks in Palestine, Syria and any politically unstable country. No soul deserves to die because of hate, because humans don’t have the ability to live in peace, because there is so much hate and racism filling the air. Every soul deserves to live in dignity.

Rest in peace

Signed, sealed, undelivered,

A reader