Service or product business — who cares, it’s just semantics

Does it make a difference whether you are thinking about making service or product? For some people this debate is the most important topic ever. For them, it’s a matter of life and death. I reckon this is mainly nonsense. You should always first make a great product.

Yes, there is a difference between selling body lotion in Walmart or personal trainer services on your website. But every successful consulting service also requires a clear concept, a product that can be defined, compared and differentiated. Way too many service sales pitch goes like this: “I will listen to your needs and provide solution which meets your requirements”. Really? You are offering laundry service, but if I ask you to deliver food and lease a car, you will meet my requirements? I don’t think so.

It helps me a lot as a customer if your value proposition is succinct and you have a clear product even if it’s something intangible. You are the expert of your value proposition, so tell me why did you make it in the first place. Then I’ll might ask more detailed consultation if my needs are so unique and there is not out-of-the-box solution available.

Everybody loves websites and catalogues which clearly defines product, onboarding process and pricing. Whether it’s SaaS, body lotion or laundry pick-up service that you are offering, don’t waste your time on debating semantics of products versus services. It’s the customer who decides how they want to call it.

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